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Hi I'm Amy. I blog under the name Gigi, at Gigi’s Place. Happily married for 17 years, and homeschooling my 7 children, I have a huge heart for wives, mothers and women alike. Being raised in a society that promotes perfectness and pride, I encourage women that superwoman has left the building… and in her place stands a woman with a heart after God. Through my love of social media, I hope to encourage you all from my Little Red house, where I live , love and do life!

Date Night!

Date Night

I’m a firm believer in date night.  I also love any excuse to buy something new, dress up and go out on the town. When my husband and I go out on dates, I usually always try to have something new that he has not seen me in… But sometimes a new outfit just isn’t in the budget. Especially around Christmas.

He and I have a Christmas date to go out to the Theater. A Christmas Symphony followed by an overnight stay at a hotel in the heart of Downtown. We are blessed to have family who live half a mile away and offered to babysit my rambunctious crew of 7!

Today was spent head first in my closet, rummaging through mounds of dresses and accessories. After what seemed like an eternity, I emerged victoriously! Holding a very cute LBD!

( Little Black Dress…)

date night

You know, the ones that they tell you everyone should have. For THOSE occasions.

I, of course was lucky enough to have a whole section of them…

And even luckier to have 1 that still fit. Sigh…

It was a dress I had worn earlier in the Spring, at our last date night…

At Gate B precisely at 9:30 P.M.

Hubby had been gone for 2 weeks and I picked him up at the airport, sans kids in a very cute LBD!

This was the dress. The one I would squeeze my body into and turn it from a summer frock to a Winter Wow!

I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to…after all, our unusually mild winter had now dropped to an all freezing low. My spaghetti straps will turn me into a lipstick wearing ice pop!

Lucky enough, my endless need for retail therapy paid off. I had a sparkly red scarf from last Christmas in the depths of my closet… along with swishy pearl earrings, bracelets and plenty of perfume.

A few swipes of lipstick and I would be set.

I dusted off my black and white polk-a-dot heels…

( no. seriously… I really did have to dust them off..)

and found a dress coat that my toddler had ripped the buttons off. I saved the buttons and probably could fix that….



I think I may be acceptable to enter the theater now…

With my hot hubby on my arm…

And some extra thread in my purse…

(Cause I never said I was a good seamstress.)

You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothing for date night. Just use what you have and add some *SpArKle*.

And have FUN!

Date nights are important. Whether they are elaborate or just strolling hand in hand…

And Moms… Don’t fret. Your time will come.

For years we couldn’t go out… but things change and kids grow ( and babysit…)

And when they do… take his hand and RUN!!!

date night


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