5 thoughts on “When Your Problem Isn’t Solved In 5 Easy Steps

  1. Thank you for this! I have stepped back as well and agree with the overwhelming amount of iinformation and how it distracts me from real life! Thanks for sharing and being open!

  2. Thank you Amy, this is 100% on the mark. I’ve pulled away from FaceBook, Pinterest, etc… For this same reason. It’s too overwhelming! Too much time spent and leaves me pulled in too many directions, all the while feeling more and more inadequate.

  3. Thank you! I, too, am overwhelmed with the number of saved emails I have to read later – most having to deal with my health issues. All seem to know what I need to do to get better, but none of them agree with each other and they all require my time to read them, then the energy to act on them, when I’m already buried under the daily tasks of caring for my 6 children, husband, house, myself, etc. Thank you for your honesty and putting into words some of the jumble in my heart and in my head. This is why I’m still not even on Facebook as I know it’s probably the piece the would push me over the edge – that would make me feel sort of connected, but not in any real way that would actually feed my heart and my soul! Only the perfect husband, Christ, can do that!

  4. There are seasons that I’m away from my blog. Sometimes other writing tasks are taken away. Its always a growing time!
    I’m mindful not to write “list” post for concern that I sound like a know it all. If it isn’t from the real depth and hard stuff, I can’t write it.
    Thank you for sharing yourself with us again!

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