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The Busy Mom is my number one reminder that God comes first, and then my husband comes before EVERYTHING else. When I found TBM, I was thrilled to see that putting my husband before kids was the RIGHT thing to do. What a joy to celebrate being “That Girl!” My husband thanks you for helping me get my priorities in order!


I am a new homeschool mom and was ready to give up when I stumbled across your site. I read your site and cried and cried. I realized I wasn’t alone and that I could do this – your site encourages me!


Oh my gosh. It’s great just knowing that I’m not alone in the busy homeschool mom world!! There are others who go through what I do or feel how I feel and I (and my kids) will survive!! (lol) Heidi, you encourage me every day just by being real. You encourage me to love my kiddos and hubby more. I so appreciate all your wisdom! God bless you!!!


Your blog is like a hug, a bit of camaraderie, somewhere I can check in and see that I’m really doing all right and I’m not alone out here.


“Character before curriculum” is my new motto and I think I have a pretty fantastic little boy because of it!


As someone who started out as a secular homeschooler, finding your blog was a turning point for me. I have felt supported by this online community as my reasons for continuing to homeschool have changed and are more to do with God and less to do with the SAT’s each day. I tell others about your blog in hopes they will be inspired as well.


I read your posts every day and look forward to them every day. They are so uplifting, especially to someone who is about to pull their 3rd grader out of public school and start the wonderful adventure of homeschooling. I can only imagine how much I will benefit once he is at home being taught by me!


Your blog reminds me that I’m not just a mom who homeschools, but that by investing in my children and shepherding their hearts I am directly impacting eternity. What a high calling it is to be a mother!


I just love that your wisdom and encouragement is genuine and rooted in the Word.


Easter Dinner Menu Plan

For generations, food has been an important part of celebrations and traditions.   There is a comfort in eating certain foods on certain days, cooked the same way you always remember.   You probably have your favorite birthday cake or dessert, Christmas meal and cookies, and other special foods for special days.  I used toRead More

3 Ways to Prepare Your Heart For Easter

3 Ways to Prepare Your Heart For Easter

Several years ago I realized that I wasn’t really making time for Easter. Not really. I took the time to prepare for Easter morning, buying the girls matching dresses for church, and that sort of thing, sure. But what about my heart? Considering the amount of time we spent using Advent celebrations to prepare forRead More

When a Homeschool Mom Needs Her Knight-in-Shining-Armor

When a Homeschool Mom Needs Her Knight-in-Shining-Armor

On a Friday afternoon recently, my hubby called to see how my day was going… Instantly, my mind was transported back to the morning. That moment when I just sat there at co-op – with my head in my hands, so frustrated. My boys had been pretty disrespectful and while it had been addressed, I was feeling discouraged. You know, one of those “will they ever get it” and a “This is the fun part of learning. If you don’t want fun, I can glue you all to your seats reading textbooks, if you’d prefer” kind of day.

That evening, my hubby resolutely walked in the garage door and called for our boys. And in that moment, IRead More

We Are Not a Perfect Family!

We Are Not a Perfect Family!

Do you ever find yourself looking around at other families and thinking that they have it all together? When my children were young, I put myself under a lot of pressure comparing my family to others, and looking at what appeared to be the ideal standard. I remember looking at homeschooling magazines and seeing all the pictures of children sitting at the kitchen table with smiles on their faces, happily doing their school work. That scenario was not a reality in our home on most days!

In fact, during our years of homeschooling, on most daysRead More

Delight-Directed Learning for ANY Homeschool — Part Three (Plan a Field Trip)

Delight-Directed Learning for ANY Homeschool — Part Three (Plan a Field Trip)

Welcome back to my series on how to add delight-directed learning to ANY homeschool? Did you catch the first 2 installments? If not, please do click over to read Part One and Part Two!

This month, my tip may take just a tad bit more planning, but your students will love it!

Notice what has piqued the interest of your student and then plan a field trip based on that interest.

Last year, we were studying about the Civil War, but the part that really interested my son the most were the battles themselves. We are fortunate to live in a state with battle sites, so we sought opportunities to stop and visit them when we had the chance. As it happened, our state historical society also had a Civil War exhibit we could visit. We even planned our summer vacation to include a visit to Fort Sumter.

You don’t have to go to such great lengths toRead More

Dear First-Time Mom Who Just Wants to Feel Human Again

Dear First-Time Mom Who Just Wants to Feel Human Again

Dear First-Time Mom:

So, you’ve just had your first baby – congratulations! What a miracle of God and blessing from above these little ones are. You have now entered a whole new category of wonder and awe – and coming right alongside this beauty of God’s creation is bafflement and fatigue and wondering if you will EVER get this balancing act figured out. Welcome to motherhood!

Maybe you’re realizing that being a mom isn’t quite what you had thought it might be.Read More

Melt in Your Mouth Chicken

Melt in Your Mouth Chicken

One of my family’s favorite dishes is a very quick and simple chicken recipe we like to call, “Melt-in-Your-Mouth-Chicken”.Read More