One thought on “Date Night When You Can’t Leave the House

  1. My daughter was born 4 mths premature. With her weak immune system we are required to stay indoors from Oct until April. That means no play dates with friends, no Thanksgiving dinners and no date nights leaving the girls with grandma. This is our second winter on “quarantine” It stinks. But we are praying that the next winter we will be able to visit family with restrictions. And my baby is “healthy” That is what matters.
    My hubby and I haven’t been on a date. We cant. So I invented date sticks. Because nothing stinks more than on a Fri night asking each other “what do you wanna do?” The choices are pretty limited and yet we come up with nothing and go to bed. The date sticks are popsicle sticks with date ideas on them. I have about 78 sticks. They range from have a themed dinner night, get all dressed up to the nines and have a fancy dinner, cook dessert together, watch only funny you tube videos all night……. there’s also a few intimate sticks in there. My husband is always hoping to pull one of those.

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