Date Night!

Date Night

I’m a firm believer in date night.  I also love any excuse to buy something new, dress up and go out on the town. When my husband and I go out on dates, I usually always try to have something new that he has not seen me in… But sometimes a new outfit just isn’t in the budget. Especially around Christmas.

He and I have a Christmas date to go out to the Theater. A Christmas Symphony followed by an overnight stay at a hotel in the heart of Downtown. We are blessed to have family who live half a mile away and offered to babysit my rambunctious crew of 7!

Today was spent head first in my closet, rummaging through mounds of dresses and accessories. After what seemed like an eternity, I emerged victoriously! Holding a very cute LBD!

( Little Black Dress…)

date night

You know, the ones that they tell you everyone should have. For THOSE occasions.

I, of course was lucky enough to have a whole section of them…

And even luckier to have 1 that still fit. Sigh…

It was a dress I had worn earlier in the Spring, at our last date night…

At Gate B precisely at 9:30 P.M.

Hubby had been gone for 2 weeks and I picked him up at the airport, sans kids in a very cute LBD!

This was the dress. The one I would squeeze my body into and turn it from a summer frock to a Winter Wow!

I wasn’t quite sure I would be able to…after all, our unusually mild winter had now dropped to an all freezing low. My spaghetti straps will turn me into a lipstick wearing ice pop!

Lucky enough, my endless need for retail therapy paid off. I had a sparkly red scarf from last Christmas in the depths of my closet… along with swishy pearl earrings, bracelets and plenty of perfume.

A few swipes of lipstick and I would be set.

I dusted off my black and white polk-a-dot heels…

( no. seriously… I really did have to dust them off..)

and found a dress coat that my toddler had ripped the buttons off. I saved the buttons and probably could fix that….



I think I may be acceptable to enter the theater now…

With my hot hubby on my arm…

And some extra thread in my purse…

(Cause I never said I was a good seamstress.)

You don’t have to spend a fortune on clothing for date night. Just use what you have and add some *SpArKle*.

And have FUN!

Date nights are important. Whether they are elaborate or just strolling hand in hand…

And Moms… Don’t fret. Your time will come.

For years we couldn’t go out… but things change and kids grow ( and babysit…)

And when they do… take his hand and RUN!!!

date night


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32 thoughts on “Date Night!

    1. Carissa, There are many creative ideas you can do and experience things at home as well. It will not always be that way~stuck. With some helpful creative ideas from moms here, I am sure it will WOW your husband because you made it special for the two of you. We did not always have a lot of money when our kids were younger either, but we did things that did not cost money and those are the most memorable. Those days will come when you can get out and stay overnight somewhere. Hang in there.

  1. Our date night tonight is provided by a friend. 🙂 My in laws are taking the kids so hubs and I can finish shopping for our sons (this is a bit of a tradition.) And our friend gave us a gift card to a local restaurant that we never justify spending so much money at, so we never go there. Tonight, we get to go thanks to her! 🙂 Kinda excited.

  2. Wow something new every time! I can’t remember the last time I bought myself anything new at all. Oh wait that’s not true; my grandparents gave me a little cash for my birthday and I used it to buy a new pair of jeans because my other pair (yes, singular) had developed holes at the top of the pockets that had gotten so large it was downright indecent to wear them in public any longer. Fortunately they still work around the house so I can save my new ones for the grocery store!

    Good for you for keeping the excitement in your marriage! We find other ways to do that these days, but date night is definitely something to look forward to….someday! Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  3. This is sweet! We don’t have the finances for a date night this month (or for the last 6 LOL) but I do agree that dressing up is important every once in awhile. Sometimes I can get my mom to keep the kids while we run to the grocery store together at those times I try to take extra care with my hair and face at least! I hold his hand all the way there and flirt through out the store. We call them Mini Dates!

  4. We only get a date night once or twice a year when visiting with my parents, who live 11 hours away. We don’t know anyone we’d trust with our kids here. This is a nice idea, but just not practical for everyone.

  5. I agree that date nights are not easy to come by. I also understand those that say they don’t have reliable babysitters. We’ve done the couple’s thing at our house, but they bring their kids too! And, one the rare occasion that we do get one, we feel really rushed.

  6. I love date nights! I feel really bad, though, because I turned one down last night. He came home and wanted to go to the movies. I love spontaneous and I am almost always up for a date night. But, last night I just wanted to enjoy some stay-in family time. It was nice, but I should have said, “Yes!”

  7. Even if you are in the season of having little ones that you can’t leave (or other factors in life), find other ways to date your mate. You don’t have to leave your home!
    Choose a night that it is okay to be up a little later… Light some candles, play games, watch a favorite show or whatever you both enjoy. It doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, just that you purpose to spend time together.

  8. Hi! I wrote the date night post and fully understand that date nights don’t always fit in with the budget. We don’t live with parents, We own our own home and have been married for over 17 years. For MANY of those years we didn’t have money OR a babysitter for our 7 kids. Date nights were laughable during those years. This date night I wrote about isn’t our usual date night. It was special and for Christmas. Date night can consist of just the kids going to bed early and you and your spouse having a movie night. The most important aspect is… spend one on one time with your spouse. The way it’s done will vary from couple to couple and the season your in… but it can be done and it is so enjoyable! I hope you ladies find a way to have a date night. Enjoy and Merry Christmas!

  9. If you’re serious about making your marriage a priority, you’ll be serious about having consistent date nights. I understand what it’s like to not have the money for a babysitter and dinner out…. So, the kids go to bed early (or have movie time in their room) and mom & dad eat alone…. Surely most if not all could do that? Or make a special dessert for when the kids are in bed? Or game night for mom & dad? Anything that is JUST mom & dad talking and spending time together alone would be considered a date night. Think outside the box and enjoy your husband! 🙂

  10. It’s hard for us to have a date night- inside the house or outside. My mom lives with us, so while we can put our kids to bed early, there is still another adult in the house. It makes it very difficult to find quiet time. I get very frustrated when I feel that our marriage isn’t getting the attention it needs.

    1. We live with our parents, too, so I understand this emotion. Sometimes, it helps to let everyone know that you’re having an “in-house” date night. We do this at our house whenever we can. 🙂 Little ones go to bed, (we hope!) and parents know we’re not available. It means we watch a movie in our room, we might bring our favorite snacks or wine up and just chill out … alone. It takes effort, but it’s worth it. ((hugs)) heidi

  11. We are family of 7 and both work full time. We have date night once a week and watch a movie after kids go to bed. Sometimes we are both off during the day and go to a movie and breakfast if family is available. Breakfast dates are good to!!

  12. We try to go out a couple of times a month. We actually have been lucky enough to get a hotel in a week and a half again for the second night 🙂 we also are planning a trip in February. Go big I always say! Mom of 4 🙂

  13. We on occasion have a date at lunch time. It was easier when we both worked and the one that we had was at daycare. Now we fit those in when we can get them, or the special occasions when a nice date is called for (anniversaries, Valentine’s Day)

  14. Another idea for helping make date night happen if you don’t have reliable child care – swap with other parents! That way you’re also helping someone ELSE get a fun date night in :0) And I agree, it doesn’t matter what you do or where you go, but that you find the time to be together, just the two of you.

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