2 thoughts on “The Storm

  1. Thank you for this comparison between the isolation of a storm and isolation from the family of God. My 2 boys and I have missed quite a bit of church lately and I have felt a definite darkness seeping in. You hit the nail on the head about Satan isolating us in order to whisper lies: “I just need today” can turn into weeks for me. My husband has to work most Sundays (a relatively new job means he can’t rock the boat too much about scheduling, especially in this economy where a job is so, so precious). Anyway, I took the boys last Sunday as I was scheduled to work in the nursery (just 4 times a year) and we made it not only to the regular service, but to the Sunday School hour, too. The teachers were all so thrilled to see the boys back, singing and listening, I was embarrassed that I’d let time lapse at all. To think I was expecting to be looked down upon for missing so much… no attendance stickers for the boys… was clearly a lie I had believed while alone with my thoughts. Thank you for understanding and sharing your wisdom.

  2. I couldn’t feel more alone right now. CAS has taken my kids a year ago because of a nervous breakdown and a messy house. It’s been 10 months and they still won’t give them back. I have survived before this on child support and child Tax credit. Because I don’t have the kids I have no money. I am living off of the welfare system because I am not able to work. I have no food to feed my kids and CAS are cutting back time with my daughter but not my son. I feel like God has abandoned me at every turn. I am so broken and shattered. I don’t feel God anywhere near me. Please pray

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