6 thoughts on “An Invitation To Dinner

  1. We’re at the life stage where playdates work well, so to warm myself up to the idea of having dinner guests, I started hosting playdates first. Now it feels natural to invite people for dinner.

  2. Sadly, there’s another side to this coin. When you might have a nice house, or like your house clean (some of us have issues you know), then people are intimidated. I think this is wrong too.

    I invite a lot of people over, then they NEVER invite us back. I think that’s wrong. Just because someone has a nicer or bigger house than yours, doesn’t mean that they don’t want to come and enjoy ANOTHER’S hospitality, or doesn’t mean they will look down on someone if your house is different. I think EVERYONE needs to meet others where they are…even if that means a big or clean house.

    I think all believers should meet each other where they are without that kind of judgment–for instance what someone’s house is like–whether it’s small or large, messy (reasonable messy–not talking about Hoarders here) or clean. As believers, we certainly shouldn’t care and just enjoy each other! Good post!

    1. I’m sorry you’ve had that struggle…and I agree, regardless of situation we should try to enjoy one another’s company. Those people that might not have invited you back? Maybe it wasn’t YOUR house, maybe there were other reasons too based on their own insecurities. 🙂 Like you said, we all have issues. ha!! Don’t give up! Keep inviting…I hope that someone will return the favor for you very soon and realize the blessing they’ve been missing!

  3. I soo needed this post! My husband wants to have his leadership team from work over for dinner this summer (I scheduled for July so I will have plenty of time to stress – I mean, clean). These are all VP’s and higher. We have baby gates everywhere imaginable, some of the duct taped, and my chairs don’t match either! Did I mention the toys? Three toddlers, two of them developmentally delayed, and a house too small.

    After reading this I felt…relief! Thank you for this post, it helped more than you know!

    1. Nicole, I’m so glad!! Thank you for chiming in. I hope your VP dinner goes beautifully. And you know what? I bet the VPs coming over will be refreshed to see a home lived and loved in!!

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