7 thoughts on “Help for the Introverted Homeschool Mom

  1. I am not a morning person,however, because our daughter who is in 9th grade takes a science class at the local high school, I do get up before everyone else (besides her). While that is helpful to set my day, I have found that I cherish my night time alone time most. After everyone goes to bed, I stay up to watch a favorite show or read a little further in whatever book I am working on. It helps me power down 🙂 Also, my husband takes the kids as many evenings as I like so that I can devote 30 to 45 minutes exercising in the basement. None of the kids are allowed to come down to “check on” me. I love this time and his willingness to take the kids.

  2. I am definitely an introvert! This year I loved having 3 days a week where we don’t have to go anywhere. I also do weekly shopping without kids if possible. I find that most afternoons I am letting them watch TV, just so I can a break. Next year I thinking that will be reading hour or something…I do not like early mornings-I wake up slowly, I can see the benefit of that, but I wonder if I will reach my “done with the day” point earlier if I do?

  3. Hmmm… I didn’t know I was as much of an introvert until I read your list. I totally prefer deep meaningful conversations and love quiet time. I thought some of my problems were a lack of organization rather than personality, or perhaps it’s a sad mixture of the two. We do have quiet time in the afternoons with book reading, naps, or worksheets. Now that my 8 year old doesn’t want to take naps anymore, it is kind of hard for me. Thanks for your article!

  4. I am currently struggling with being an introverted homeschool mom of four under 6, with two obviously extroverted children. The oldest two crave social events and experiences, but it feels overwhelming and sometimes almost torturous taking them to many things. I have homeschool mom friends who are constantly on the go taking their children to all kinds of places and gatherings and I often feel guilty that I am causing my children to miss out. I am having a difficult time striking a good balance. 😒

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