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Dear Busy Homeschool Mom {Don’t Worry}

Joni writes:

I am a 25 year old wife, mother of a soon to be 2 year old tornado! Hubby and I have seriously been considering homeschooling before and ESPECIALLY after recent events… I have nervous/terrifed/happy/awesome feelings about it. I want my son to be able to have to ‘joys’ of school that I had, but the freedom of a flexible schedule and being able to move forward sooner than the norm. I love to teach him, but I am terrified that I won’t be able to handle it once he gets to the harder years (grades 9 and up?). I have so many mixed emotions, but I am pulled towards home-schooling.

From Heidi:
I gotta admit: when we began our journey of homeschooling, the very “idea” of homeschooling through high school terrified me, too. After all, it’s a big undertaking!

But here’s the thing. You’ve got nothing.but.time right now. Part of the beauty of being where you are in your parenting is that you don’t have to worry about high school. Or Jr. High. Or even 2nd grade. 🙂 You get to love on your little Tornado right now.

When the time comes, you will have what you need. I remember when our oldest was entering Jr. High. I panicked. I mean it. I was stressing over everything from math to grammar. Fortunately, a mom who had been where I was took the time to talk me down out of my tree.

Her advice? “Do the next thing.” Don’t let fear of the future keep you from enjoying the present. All you need to do is the next thing. So if you are teaching letters and sounds, the next thing is blending them. If you’re teaching your toddler colors, then the next thing is identifying objects by their color and so on.

The point is, enjoy where you are. Don’t worry. And by the way, homeschooling through high school was one of the best adventures we went on with our kids. It was worth it. When the times comes, you will be ready—and you’ll have what you need. Enjoy that toddler!

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Got Teens? It’s the Little Things

-from a Facebook post I wrote this week-

When I was thirteen years old, these were the “must have” shoes for almost every girl I knew. I wanted them, too. I’ll never forget getting a pair from my mom. It was unusual for her to “splurge” on such a thing for me, as I was one of seven children—but looking back, I get it. She was letting me know that I mattered to her. Right down to my shoes. 🙂

I came across this image today and it reminded me to put myself in the “shoes” of my teens. Sometimes, we need to look at life through the eyes of our kids. What seems important to them right now will likely not be important at all in a few years … but the “messages” we send them every day by our attitudes and actions toward them will make a lifetime impression.


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