11 thoughts on “When It’s All Said and Done

  1. Great post! I have 2 daughters graduated that have the same outlook – such a great harvest! I love that “time well wasted” – I’ll have to use that one. 🙂

  2. We have one graduate, one nearly graduated, and 6 more to go. Our family life is HARD. I know we’re making more mistakes than not, and yes– wonder how much therapy our kids will need! We’ve been on our homeschooling journey for 15 or 16 years, and some days it’s just the dark tunnel… and I can’t find the flashlight. I hope my kids will look back and be able to say, “You know? Those were actually good days, and I wouldn’t trade them.” Thank you for your post today.

  3. In the throws of it , it is this idea that keeps the wind in my sails,my ship afloat , and me in my prayer closet er uh better known as the bathroom ( chocolate provided ) ! beautifully written ! oh and I like the blonde hair !

  4. Thank you for sharing this! Great encouragement as we walk the homeschool journey! It was a joy to meet and visit with Sierra at TTD in Omaha a couple of weeks back! She too was a wonderful communicator who answered all my questions with great confidence!
    What a blessing to have your family share in the ministry with you…God’s called me into women’s ministry on a smaller scale, but I pray my family can be part of it too. What a great opportunity to build relationships with one another and the ones who cross your path.

  5. Wow, what an encouragement. Thank you for the “from the heart” look at what homeschooling is from the eyes of the homeschooled (through high school) child. Thank you for showing us honestly that there as the tough times because we have sure experienced them in our home.

    Just really needed this encouragement today! 🙂 <3 Hugs to you!

  6. I love this!! I’m just starting to plant, my kids are preschool / kindergarten age, so it’s good to see the fruit to make the work worth it! It brought tears to my eyes to think of the “home” part of homeschool, I hadn’t thought about it in this simple way before, but it is what I’m doing. Thank you for sharing and for all your daily encouragement! I look forward to seeing you at our homeschool conference!

  7. Thanks for sharing this– brought tears to my eyes and encouragement to my heart. We will “press on” in this homeschool journey knowing that it’s all for the Lord and He will continue to lead us. It’s so sentimental to me since we just ended another homeschool year, and next year, God willing, my son will be graduating Junior High and my daughter starts 1st grade (and our baby boy will continue to try to distract the kids during “schooltime”). Time does fly but our kids continue to “soar on eagle’s wings”

  8. Hi, I am also a homeschooled student. I am now in my second Online university for my Bachelor’s degree. I am self taught. My mother is the most beautiful lady I know, she took the burden with my Dad to homeschool all six of her children back in 1995 when it wasn’t so popular and we got a lot of flac for it. We didn’t do homeschool conferences back then and learned with Abeca. My baby sister didn’t learn to read very well until she was a teenager because she was a lazy reader but she was the first one of us to graduate with a college diploma with shining grades. 5 of us homeschooled through high school and my youngest brother is back in school because he thrives best with another teacher besides family. Yet, my childhood years with field trips, family vacations in SEPTEMBER, our morning jogs after breakfast, and our never ending family/homeschool moments are what we all cherish. It takes courage to be a homeschooling family, but your kids will thrive and be amazing citizens. Homeschoolers really do LIVE, they experience, they use their imaginations and they wow educators all the time with amazing academics. Thank you parents who homeschool, your children will never forget the sacrifice you made for them.

  9. Thank you for this post. We had our local convention this past weekend and I stressed and stressed over curriculum, until my sweet husband reminded me that we homeschool not because of the math books, but because of something greater – the state of our children’s souls. Thank you for your constant encouragement to all of us busy homeschool moms!

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