2 thoughts on “Moms United: 14 Things We All Have in Common

  1. Thank you so so very much for this post! I sooo needed this! I have been dealing with a constant worry and feeling of regret and failure and guilt, trying to figure out what works best for our lives and how to do it all so to speak. LOL. I needed to be reminded of all the things in this post, I cant even describe how much I needed this and how much it blessed me to read just now. I will share this with my other mom friends as well, as this is something I need to read every day for a while I think, and they may be blessed by it too. God Bless your heart! Thank you!

  2. Ohhhh, thank you, thank you, thank you. GOD has been showing me HIS mercy (for how long?) and I am FINALLY seeing it at the moment. GOD bless you sweet Lady. SHOOT, GOD bless you all out there.

    HIS will be done.


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