20 thoughts on “How to Spoil Your Child in Five Easy Steps

  1. My husband and I say (we heard it somewhere) I use to have 7 theories about raising kids and no kids…..now I have 7 kids and no theories! Great post we are the same kind of thrift store shopping, no cell phone, show respect, serve others and work for money kind of parents!

  2. Levis? Levis are for losers, lady. You better be buying JUSTICE jeans at forty bucks a pop or you’re a bad mom. They can have them in our house – but they’re paying half. And you’d be ASTOUNDED at how quickly walmart jeans start to be absolutely perfect along with lots of other “off-brands” in their price range. Amazing.

  3. This post was truly a blessing. It convicted me so deeply. Perhaps this is what the Bible means when it says older (more mature adn wiser) women should instruct younger women?

  4. Great Post as always.I have one question though,this is kind of my fear,although i m not sure if this is valid,please let me know your thoughts on this.

    1.I worry about clothes from thrift-store and consignment store ,my fear is if we could contract skin diseases from previous owners?
    Again this is just my question.

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    1. Hello! Welcome to the The Busy Mom. You know, I get your question—and here’s what we do when we get clothes from garage sales or second-hand stores. We take tags off, and we wash them. I’ve been doing this my whole life and have never had an issue. 🙂 I would not worry about this one bit. Don’t worry, be thrifty!

    2. What would be the difference between bringing the clothes from the consignment or thrift store home and washing and then wearing them or bringing home “new” clothes that other people have tried on (or even worn and returned)? My three kids have been raised on thrift shop clothes and we have never given a second thought to “catching” anything but a good deal!

      1. A good wash should welcome ANYTHING into your home – even (more so) store bought items manufactured in other countries. They don’t have the same standards that we have here in the US and could introduce nasties like bedbugs! Wash and dry new or gently-used that enter your home 🙂

  5. This truly inspired me to raise my little one with these ideas. My daughter isn’t even 2 yet and is already nuts about the Ipad and smart phones. It drives me nuts to see her playing with something so expensive. I also agree with the allowance thing, I wasn’t really raised with an “allowance” but my parents never bought needlessly for me either. I got my first phone when I was 15, a motorola flip phone and had it till I turned 18. Kids these days just get things handed to them, and really have no respect for others. Whatever happened to punishing them for being bad? I used to get grounded and butt whoopings and I think I’ve turned out better as an adult because I was disciplined. Parents think it’s so wrong to put a hand on their child but if my daughter deserves it, she’s gonna get it. I don’t think I’ll be a bad parent for doing so either, because I am just trying to teach her the rights and wrongs of life.

    1. Hi Brittany! As with anything—balance is key. You have the opportunity to nurture and shape your child’s heart, so be sure that your focus is there. Seek insight from the Lord into the heart of your child and into your own heart, too, and you’ll do just fine. 🙂 At the end of the day, you’ll find this season with your child will go by fast. Discipline and love must go hand-in-hand. Enjoy these precious years!

      1. No doubt, I love every moment with my girl. Currently trying to teach her how to use the potty. Kids can be difficult to handle sometimes but when they smile at you and call you “mommy” it gets you right in the heart and makes all those hard times worth it.

  6. Amen, sister! You are singing my song! Sometimes I feel alone, like I’m the “mean” mom because I adhere to the principles you outlined. Especially the respect issue. Look adults in the eye, address them as Mr., Mrs., or Miss, use good manners and answer all adults respectfully. If you don’t teach them young what will happen in the teen years? Thanks for keeping it real, yet again!

  7. As I date a woman with a 9 year old. I agree with you and as a single mother she knows these are the patterns too. Our most difficult is to break them now that she does have support. it’s been a slow and process but is showing great results. Still with it’s ebb and flows and thank you.

  8. loved this! Thank you! Totally validated how we are raising our kids. It’s uplifting to hear from people who share the same views.

  9. Love this! As a teacher & mom of 2, our kids have experienced this first hand. And despite them having to do without so often, my 15 yo just told me that she hopes she does as good a job with her own kids someday. So many of today’s children will be miserable as adults because they aren’t prepared for life being hard.

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