16 thoughts on “Carrying Tomorrow’s Load

  1. Oh this is great…”run to the roar.” Can I still tell God to please send my hubby a job? I’m trying so hard not to worry, but it’s been four months. I’m hanging on, but some days it feels like I’m hanging onto this cross by my fingernails.

    1. Kimberly,

      A few years ago my hubby lost his job…at the time we had a 3 year old and a 6 month old, and I was not working. He was unemployed for over a year, and could not even get an interview anywhere. But then when we least expected it he got an amazing opportunity at a job and just recently got a promotion. He now has great benefits, makes significantly more money, and a better schedule. Just wanted to let you know to hang in there, God has a plan. Be encouraged! Praying for your family. 🙂

      1. Kimberly,
        My husband also lost his job four months ago. We have four children 6 and under and I do not work. We homeschool the kiddos as one of our girlies has epilepsy and some ugly complications. I, too, am tempted to doubt that God really ‘has this’ and that His timing is indeed perfect (isn’t mine better?). I try to work hard to focus on how He provides in every day moments and when I see those little things (financial aid from the Children’s Hospital or a friend bringing a meal, or even that awesome BOGO deal on hotdogs) I remember that God is really taking care of us. Lean into Jesus, sister. He’s there and working in your life and your family. He will make amazing pottery from this mire!

  2. I learned this lesson when my now 10 year old son was 6 months. He’d been diagnosed with hydrocephalus and his future and difficulties were unknown (to us). I found myself worrying. When I realized that worry wasn’t going to change the outcome and fear didn’t make anything better I laid everything at the feet of Jesus and experienced peace. It allowed me to enjoy my son and focus on loving him.

  3. Robert was preaching about the verses in Philippians on Sunday – be careful for nothing? He was saying that worry is a sin. It’s the opposite of trust, and we are TOLD to trust. Challenging, not always easy, but oh, so important. <3

  4. This is such a precious and challenging truth. Robert preached on this on Sunday, and I was going to blog about it too! I lOVE Corrie Ten Booms life and writings. SO very challenging. Thank you for blessing and encouraging once again.

  5. Thank you so much for listening to God & writing His thoughts and lessons He had for you. I’ve dealt with worry and anxiety lately. It’s such an awful feeling. God is so GOOD and is always faithful…I just wish I didn’t have to remind myself so often! Lol Thanks again!!!

  6. This blessed my heart today. Was feeling disconnected and not knowing how to connect to my Lord this morning. Then I read your post and started journaling what I was afraid of. It opened a floodgate. I faced some pain, heard Gods truth straight from Him and got my socks blessed off! Thanks so much.

  7. needing peace at this moment! So much going on, trying NOT to worry, but it does linger some! Possibility of losing house, daughter having a surgical procedure on Thursday, I’m stretched to my limit at the moment!

  8. Thank God for this post. I’ve been having numerous fears. The Lord spoke to me about them in my pastors message on Sunday and then I opened your blog to find this. Learning to trust Gods will is scary but I’m done being a coward. I will trust in the Lord. Running to the roar!!

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