4 thoughts on “Why Teen Years Can Be Challenging

  1. I agree that wisely parenting teens is exhausting – especially when, as you mentioned, you are raising boys who seek to lead…in everything. EVERYTHING! Boys that know a better way to make a bed, make a sandwich, boil water… 🙂 The list goes on, and I begin to wander how I have survived this long without possessing the “wisdom” that they do. Like you, we have attempted to ease our children into adulthood by letting them make their own decisions, and their own mistakes. But sometimes they just need to listen to what we’re advising them to do, and DO IT! And that is where parenting gets tough…and tiring. That is when we know that God alone will see us through, because we will never be able to get through the rigors of parenting without Him. Thanks for letting us know we’re not alone!

    1. Didn’t see your comment until now. Love it! I agree that sometimes they just need to DO what we are telling them to do! It is exhausting. I’m so glad God is faithful. Thanks for sharing!

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