3 thoughts on “What Parents of Prodigals Need to Know

  1. I will pray. Dear Jesus,please be with this mom. Give her assurance that even though her children seem beyond her reach, they are not beyond yours. Remind her that you created each one and have not taken your eye off them for one minute. May your spirit pray with her spirit when she doesn’t know what to pray. Thank you for loving her and her family.

  2. Thank you for sharing and encouraging! Our 18-year old daughter left three weeks ago and broke our hearts. Trying to Chang my view…she is His daughter, let Him deal with her. So. Hard. I would SO appreciate your prayers for her repentance!

    1. Pray, pray, pray, Monica! Pray for correction, for direction, for protection. God is able!! He sees your pain, and hers. You are near to God’s heart today. ((hugs)) Heidi

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