10 thoughts on “What Parents of Prodigals Need to Know

  1. I will pray. Dear Jesus,please be with this mom. Give her assurance that even though her children seem beyond her reach, they are not beyond yours. Remind her that you created each one and have not taken your eye off them for one minute. May your spirit pray with her spirit when she doesn’t know what to pray. Thank you for loving her and her family.

    1. At a loss of how to even pray any more. I’m worn, weak and weary. It’s been one thing after another with my three adult children since my oldest was about 14 (now 34). We have struggles with our 29 year old since she was about 9 and our youngest is 21 has just moved back in with us. I feel like I just can’t do this, any longer.

  2. Thank you for sharing and encouraging! Our 18-year old daughter left three weeks ago and broke our hearts. Trying to Chang my view…she is His daughter, let Him deal with her. So. Hard. I would SO appreciate your prayers for her repentance!

    1. Pray, pray, pray, Monica! Pray for correction, for direction, for protection. God is able!! He sees your pain, and hers. You are near to God’s heart today. ((hugs)) Heidi

  3. Thank you for this. It’s an old post but timely for us. My 15 year old daughter is now an atheist, and mentally disturbed, and my other daughters have severe anxiety with depression. The atmosphere in our home is extremely difficult and we have been through difficult circumstance after difficult circumstance for 10 years now. I keep thinking, if only we had done everything differently, they would be stable, with longtime friends, like all these other kids that lived in the same place all their lives and didn’t go through any major crises. I just want to quit as I see my younger two children poisoned by the older two and prematurely following their example.

  4. Our adopted daughter left shortly after her 18th birthday. That is almost a year ago now. She has made many bad choices during that time and moved from place to place manipulating and hurting many people along the way. She now lives with a man who left his wife and two young children for her. I’m heartbroken for the hurt she is causing so many people. Our three sons are doing great and we have living relationships with them. I do pray for her repentance and return to the Lord. I know God has a good plan for her.

  5. Thank you for sharing. My 16 year old daughter has told us she is gay and although she understands what the Bible says – chooses to proceed in this lifestyle. I had 2 miscarriages before I had her and God promised me He wouldn’t leave my womb in mourning. I remember praying over my womb on more than one occasion asking God to make her a worshipper and to give Him honor. My daughter loves music and sings and writes songs. I know God will complete the work He started in her. I pray for strength and wisdom through this season however long or short it may be.

  6. I’ve been a mama of a prodigal for 5 years now. There are days I feel like giving up and I’m angry at God for not answering my prayers. I really needed this today. Thank you.

  7. My niece has lived with us good 4 years, on and off. She turns 18 in 3 months and has recently been caught lying, being manipulative and clearly unhappy with us. Regardless of our strong Christian teachings and trying to teach her our values, she is choosing to walk away. We don’t mind if she moves out to be an adult, but why cause so much drama, heartache, pain and confusion? I’ve been drawing close to the Lord and following His instruction. It’s just so hard to concentrate on anything else but the pain. There are other people to care for and other things to do, but I find myself hyper focused on my niece daily. It is hard to believe someone we love so much can cause us so much pain….purposefully.

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