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  1. It’s easy to feel like you’re the only one when you’re seen as The Bad Lady. Immediately you want to hide. Hidden, you can’t see all the other ‘Bad Ladies’ out there. Let’s come out of our hiding and encourage one another that loving parents aren’t always seen that way by their children. Nice article Heidi!

  2. I needed to hear this. Literally just this very minute. God blessed me with this article. Because today, I am the bad lady. And my head is pounding, my eyes are red from trying not to cry, and my kids are none-too-pleased with me. And I’m doubting EVERYTHING I’m doing. I do know the crabbiness that comes along with being the bad lady is something I have to cut away from my behavior. I just have a hard time separating the negativity from my face, my mouth, my heart. sigh. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. Wonderful message, thank you for sharing!!!! We have 8 kids and just moved off of 15 acres onto a city lot of about 1/3 of an acre! I miss the acres but not sure how you have time to blog and do all you do! Thank you for taking the time to encourage us and share what you have learned – it is appreciated! I am OFTEN the bad lady – my aunt told me years ago that you will not feel the appreciation or hear thank you from your kids for a long time – but you WILL hear it! She said all three of her kids in their mid twenties came back and said thank you for raising us the way you did, for teaching us manners and a good work ethic. This was after spending time with other young adults and realizing how good they had it and how valuable it was to have a mom who taught them these life skills!

  4. Thank you for this post! I am often “the bad lady” and it seems to me that some people outside my family think that, not just my kids. The other day my 10 year old son came to me and thanked me for homeschooling him and teaching him how to act. It warmed my heart so well and was worth all the times I worried that I was being to “mean”. Thank you again.

  5. Thank you for this today. I needed to hear this. I had to be the very bad lady today and tell my child, “No tennis,” because he could not seem to understand that actions have consequences. It was very hard to the mom today.

  6. Sadly, my mom was “mutually exclusive” when it came to being my mother and not my friend. I was a teenager at the time and that she refused to be my friend, because she was my authority, was heartbreaking. This is a delicate balance, we were made for relationship and as authorities for our children. May they always know the love and grace of relationship while enjoying the life-affirming fruits of the boundaries we set for them.

  7. I really needed this, after being called just that by a screaming, tantrum-throwing 5-year old. It’s hard being seen as bad when you’re trying so hard to be just the opposite, harder even to stay calm and remind myself that I am not a bad mom, so thank you so much for the encouragement. It’s such a relief to know others who share the same experience. It’s tough being a mom, but well worth it, at the end of the day. God bless all you dear moms!

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