16 thoughts on “Homeschooling without a Dedicated School Room

  1. My default for grading is the kitchen table and this is where I prefer to work with our girls. But their independent study can happen anywhere at our place in the country….on our porch, in their bedroom, in the pasture sitting by the horse and yes, even in a tree!!!! 🙂 Wherever the mood takes them and their books don’t get messed up! 😉

  2. We recently moved to a much smaller space. I Had a nice big ol’ house in the south and we moved to a state where everything is more expensive and I feel like I barely have enough space to breathe. Everything is cluttered and I really feel like I’m not doing anything well. Especially schooling the kids. It’s so overwhelming.

    1. Just focus on the simple things. Read more until you get your space figured out. You will get it figured out. Kids can learn a lot with little. Do what works for your family right now, they will learn all they need to. Try to get out more too especially if you feel crowded and overwhelmed. God bless your dedication!

  3. I have a dedicated area, but it’s mobile. LOL! Our homeschool stuff is on a similar shelving unit, but it has wheels. I’ve been known to throw a few things into a little tote bag and homeschool anywhere in the home, and occasionally elsewhere.

  4. I started out with converting half of our kids room into a school-type room. Even painted chalk board on the walls etc. But with 5 kids *almost* under 5 years this became a big mess after they got into the art supplies. Yah! Needless to say, that ended the whole school room idea and we went to the kitchen table too!
    Thanks for you post 😀

  5. We are currently living in an 18-wheeler turned into a fabulous living space! Yeah, I know, we’re crazy. 🙂 We want to build our own house one day on the land we are currently living on. We have been back and forth with house plans trying to decide if we want a “dedicated” school room or not. I have decided that as much as I thought I wanted an actual school room, our day flows much better if we simply do school amidst the craziness of life. Plus, who doesn’t want to do math on the couch or have a little oatmeal on you science paper? 🙂

    1. An 18-wheeler! Girl! That’s awesome. I have a school room but it’s not a “dedicated” one—it’s just where we can go if we want to. I’m all for options if you can have them! Enjoy your adventure!

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