4 thoughts on “Sisterhood of Spies: Two Reasons Every Mom Should Be Social Media Savvy

  1. I completely agree. During our toughest teen years with my son (he’s almost 20), I would go online and read his Twitter account. I also saw his tumblr, which is the newest “blog” format that teens love. They don’t hesitate to post anything and everything because they know most parents even aware of tumblr or how Twitter works. At the same time, I found my almost-grown niece’s tumblr and let me say, she was not the model perfect child her parents believed. We have to be in the know and help each other out.

  2. I agree with you completely. I think the Internet is a big responsibility and kids should be taught how to use it wisely. Unfortunately, they are young enough, they aren’t always going to do so, and we need to be able to know when to redirect them and teach them.

  3. Thank you for this Heidi! Our children need accountability and I think they really do appreciate when we care this much. I just found your blog and website in the past year, but I feel like I have known you a long time. I love your transparency and you have encouraged me so much through it. I have homeschooled my 7 children for close to 24 years and (Lord willing) will be at it for 6 more. Sometimes I wish I had had this kind of daily contact when I first began my journey. God Bless you and thanks so much!

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