5 thoughts on “Sharing Your Children During the Holidays

  1. Thank you for sharing this today. I have been having a really hard time with this very thing this week as it was the beginning of the year that my ex and I split up and this is the first Holiday season sharing the kids. It is really hard and emotional to share them for all of us. I too have maintained the status quo and gone to things that I was by no means comfortable at in order to make it work well in terms of my kids adjusting. I do think making new traditions are very important while still keeping some of the old ones as well. I already have some new traditions in the works for my kids this Christmas.

  2. This is the first time my now 3 year old will be spending any part of the holiday season with his dad and his side of the family. I’ve decided the very hardest part of it all is feeling jealous, and then guilty and selfish for wanting him all to myself! I love the idea of new traditions and may just start some for “mommy and me”.

  3. I definitely understand how you feel! Holidays were a problem for us as a married couple because most of my family is in another state and I try to go and see them for one of the holidays. This is and always has been a problem for my husband’s family…or it was until 2008 at Thanksgiving. We were having some hard times. His family had gotten together and no one called to see if we wanted to be there. We had no car and one cell phone between us. My husband was really hurt by that. We spent Christmas with my family that year. Now, we spend the holidays with my family mostly because we want to avoid the drama.

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