14 thoughts on “Just for Fun (And Learning)

  1. When we elect a president we have a celebration, no matter who wins, and one of the things I make are these drinks! The kids love them! We also have a dessert that set above the plates that looks like and American Eagle. We have Stars and Stripes everywhere. My kids love the drinks! They think I am magic!

  2. you have to fill the cup with ice first, the poor the fruit punch over an upside down spoon and then the blue gatorade over an upside down spoon. We did the sprite first and it worked great! We ended up with purple the first time we did it too until we learned the spoon trick….try again….it works – so fun!

  3. We did it as well but with different drinks ~ Cranapple juice on the bottom, Sobe Pina Colada in the middle and the blue Gatorade!!! SO good and fun to work together to make it remain seperate 🙂

  4. Use the low-cal blueberry-pomegranate Gatorade as the sugar content is much lower and then you don’t have to mix with water etc. The other blue gatorades we found are too close in sugar amount as the fruit punch making them mix rather than staying separate. Mixing with water was a great solution though!!!

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