4 thoughts on “Culture Creep and the Sidelining of Parents

  1. I agree 100%. It’s time parents grow some kind of backbone and when something “doesn’t feel right” will stand and inquire about it. I would rather be involved in my child’s life than have any regret or see my child suffer for my lack of involvement

  2. Agree with you! When I learned that Planned Parenthood provides abortions to minors and “protects their privacy” (ie doesn’t tell the parent about it), they are not only destroying the psyche of the child- as well as possibly allowing a rapist, a pedophile, a family member committing incest, or whomever got her pregnant completely off the hook for a crime- but they are not allowing the parent to protect her from the physical and mental damage of abortions, sex before she understands what it’s about, and STDs.

    When I heard that, I realized PP and any who “protect the privacy” of children from their non-abusive, caring parents are just plain evil. My child is not PP’s business, or the school’s (unless he is abused), or anyone else’s business but mine. This is insidious control they are striving to acquire here.

  3. I agree, we as parents should not allow to Goverment to teach moral to our children. Our sociaty is in danger. We should stand up for our christian values. We should not led them to decide for us. Children need their parents for guidance.

  4. Yes!! I agree wholeheartedly. I am in Australia, in the state of Victoria and we are catching up to you in what you shared. Insidious and heinous, stealing the childhood of young precious ones.

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