23 thoughts on “Twenty Things I Wish I’d Known When I was Twenty

  1. I just recently found your blog and I’m glad I did. I am especially thankful for today’s post. It was really insightful and well timed for me as I am just starting to homeschool my 12 year old son.

  2. Thank you for this post. I am 2 years into homeschooling and I often find myself trying not to get overwhelmed. I have a million great ideas and yet I try so hard to stick to the books. Looks like maybe we will bake cookies for a neighbor who is moving for Math today. 😉

  3. Thank you for just being you,a real mom with real ideas. It took me six years to finally figure out that we are not “homeschooling”, we are home educators. We have 2 girls 8 years apart and our oldest, the guides pig(lol), went through the trials and errors of learning to .”school” at home. 5 hours at the kitchen table 5 days a week. People quizzing her at random making sure I was doing a good job. Poor kid. I went to a confrence where a met a mom who educated all 5 of her children from k~ 12, after talking for a bit she laughed and said ” Honey you are going to make yourself crazy and take your kids with you.” She told me to read a book, paint a picture, bake a cake, take a walk, and watch a movie. She said that was a much better trip to take my kids on. So I put the text books down and did some investing in my girls. The best advise I ever got. Reading this today brought that very vivid memory back. So again thank you! ; )

  4. I appreciate your thoughts this morning, all are good reminders! I am in my seventh year homeschooling and just beginning to have a vision and understanding of what God wants for my children! I wish I had done more reading early on on the topic. “Life” truly is a classroom!

  5. Brand new homeschooling mom and I can’t wait to see you in Spartanburg! You are one of the main reasons I am going to the convention. I find the whole idea overwhelming:) also, Spartanburg is a great place and I hope you get to enjoy some of it while you are here!

  6. Great post! As a new homeschool mom I really needed to read this. I’m already feeling burnout and my kids are just PK, kinder and 1st grade.

  7. Thank you so much for this encouragement! As principal (cheerleader) of our homeschool, I strive to maintain this perspective and share it often with my wife. She is quick to beat herself up and get discouraged – when you’re neck-deep taking care of 5 kids under the age of 11, perspective can be so elusive! I find that the less we look horizontally (to others) for approval and validation and the more we look vertically (to God), then the better our perspective will be. And by the way, I LOVE the cookie idea (but for selfish reasons 😉

    We will be at the conference in Spartanburg this week and we are SO looking forward to it! I pray the Lord blesses you in your travels. Having recently done a 14 hour road trip ourselves I can totally empathize with those hours in the van. Thank goodness for great audio stories – we completed all of the narrated Narnia CDs on our trip and the kids started out complaining and ended up begging for more!

  8. YES! We are blessed with 5 kids ages 18-7. Even our church friends are confused as to how we managed to raise teenagers who seem to ‘like’ us! We are NOT the cool parents. We do NOT have a ton of money, we just have invested 24-7 into our kids. We take breaks from school often, and play, goof off, take hikes, go swimming, make a movie (notice I said MAKE a movie)……our experience is showing the relationships are WAY MORE imporatant than any devotional or math book. Our kids see God thru us as we ask for forgiveness when we blow it! They see us on our knees before the throne of grace often. Also, I love your blog, honest and refreshing.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to write this! I’m so glad I decided to click on the link & have a quick read.

    Such great words of encouragement & advise. Number 3 especially spoke to me, so thanks again. God bless xx

  10. I am not homeschooling yet but looking forward to the summer so that I can start homeschool and proceed to the fall. Working full-time, a wife, and a mother to five children under the age of 10, it seems like God is calling me to homeschool. Although my community doesn’t support me, it’s good to know that there are moms and dads out there that support homeschooling. Reading through your posts and the responses, I am so excited and trust that God will make this happens for my family. Thank you for your great wisdoms.

    1. Welcome to homeschooling Ying, you will never look back in regret. I am sure you are committing it all to the Lord. As you step into His perfect design for you, you will find the fit feels right. Press on on the tough days, Heidi`s posts are very encouraging and will come in handy. You have many moms that will walking that same path alongside you.You can do this girl!

  11. Thank you for the encouraging post. It always helps…so in return we can try to encourage other mamas. See you tomorrow in Spartanburg!

  12. Yes, those Sharpies! Thank goodness that dry erase board came with two sides! Red sharpie will undo black on a red dry erase board. We will treasure your 21 Heidi! Thx!

  13. I love 8 and 16, my two greatest challenges by far. Although it is now after midnight here in California, and I must say, my hubby and I had blessed grown up evening. I also love that you include “ALL” moms. My sister is trying to homeschool her special needs son. After enduring many years of marital abuse, she is finally divorced and struggling. We are a Christian household but even God wouldn’t condemn her for divorcing someone who was trying to deplete her. At least I’d like to think so. I’ve been married almost 20 years and couldn’t imagine ever doing this alone. Bless all moms, married, divorced, single, widowed, adoptive, foster, step, biological, pseudo moms, ALL mothering figures who are doing their best at enhancing a child’s life and motivating them in lovingkindness. Great Blog. I just wish I knew how how to do it.

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