10 thoughts on “Planning Your Homeschool Year

  1. Hello I was just reading the info on planning your homeschool year on Heidi St. John’s website and the picture of the planner and cup of coffee caught my eye. What planner is pictured there? I am looking for a different planner for this coming year…I need something that has tabs.

    1. Actually it’s Vera BRADLEY. 🙂 This is the 2nd year I’ve used a Vera Bradley planner and I love it. I was researching planners online and looking at some very popular ones that were $50 but this is half that. It is NOT specifically a teacher or school planner, though. Just the monthly page like you see in the picture, and then weekly pages after each month.

    1. Hi Cora! This is not specifically a homeschooling planner, though I used it for that last year, but I don’t do school planning as intensely as a lot of people I know. 🙂 This planner is a Vera Bradley planner. 🙂

  2. Thanks for all of the inspiration! I’m a planner so I enjoy this season in homeschooling… but it’s always nice to hear how other homeschool moms approach this time as well. I love getting tips and advice from those who have gone before. 🙂

  3. Thanks ladies…Heidi after you said Vera Wang I got it figured out that it wasn’t. You are an inspiration to me, we met at the Omaha tech them diligently conference last year. Thanks for all your words of wisdom and your books.

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