One thought on “Surviving and Thriving During Trials

  1. I learned this through trial and error but came out shiny and refined by Him. In a month’s time, my family went through 2 relatives facing death (and miraculously not dying), broken bones, surgeries, death of pets (it can be hard on some), cancer scares, family escaping abuse….it was awful. But I kept repeating, “I can do all through Christ who strengthens me”. I learned to trust in Him and rely on Him, not the world. Even my mom said how I’d need counseling to get through it all and wondered how, well, I got through it all and came out ok. (She isn’t Christian so she didn’t understand my “reason”.) I didn’t ask why. I didn’t seek the world. I just kept on keeping on, knowing He was with me and there would be a light and a lesson at the end of the trial.

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