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  1. AMEN, sister, AMEN! Grateful to see His heart stirring some of the same things in yours as it is mine. And that you’re willing to speak up about it! Bless you, my friend. May your armor be polished and strengthened even more.

  2. I can’t afford the luxury of constant blogging and paying attention to SEO or readership.
    I’ve been committed to stay firm in why I started blogging; encouragement, and to go when God sends me to my page!
    There have been more silent times than I’D like, but necessary to not talk too much.

    I’ve reaped the benefit from some larger bloggers, but after a while the “personality” is gone.
    Blogging used to be about community; its how we learned EACH OTHER’S hearts and not a one sided glimpse into the life of someone we admire….but that’s another subject.

  3. We should be fighting the battles in our homes. Fight for our marriages and our children. Blogging has connected me with people I love. But I can no longer let it keep my eyes off the things that matter most. I’m not fighting a war as much as I’m protecting souls. That requires me to stay awake! Thank you Heidi for stepping out and reminding of what really is going on!

  4. Amen, girl! I just took a full month off EVERYthing–unplugged, no blogging, no speaking, no nothing. It was a glorious refreshment to just reset and ask myself these same hard questions. We can “succeed” at this “career” and fail at what really matters. Oh Jesus, keep us close to you! Thanks for writing.

  5. I’ll be praying for you! I feel like those of us not blogging or out there on the front lines need to hold those of you who are up.

  6. I can see where you are coming from. But some women are doing it so they can stay home with their kids. It’s easy for you to say this because you are doing quite well off of blogging. To the benefit of your family and your readers. It can be a matter of sending our kids off or being able to keep them at home.

    1. Lo, how do you know I am doing “well?” I agree that it can be a matter of sending kids off or being able to keep them at home but my point is still the same: it’s a spiritual battle—and if we’re doing it for the wrong reasons, the results will be devastating.

  7. I’ve had moments where I felt my blog was taking me away from my face-to-face ministry with my family. I had to take a break and step away.

    We are not to allow ANYTHING to become our idols… including our blogs.

    Thank you for this important and powerful reminder! I found your post through blogging homeschoolers.

    Wishing you a lovely weekend.

  8. Amen! Blogging is like every aspect of my life a battle field. Its something Satin like anything else can try to take us of God’s purpose.The word here is TRY. Every-time I have a deadline for Satisfaction Through Christ or my own blog some kind of road block goes up, my kids get sick, I get sick, an emergency appointment gets scheduled. Thank-fully I know this and plan for Satins attacks. (Try to have some post on the side burner) I believe being a wife and motherhood is one of the toughest mission fields out there. We should not to let down our amour of God in a our comfort zones. Heidi, I love your blog and have followed for a few years now. Like always your post make me think 🙂

  9. Excellent post Heidi! I’m not a blogger, but I have Christian preschool. I believe that as Satan sees us as a threat, when we are positioned to do much for the Kingdom, he sees us as a greater threat in the very real battle & intensifies his attack on us & on those we love. Also, it seems to me that a blog can become an idol in our lives if we are not careful. Anything in our lives that we put before Jesus is an idol. Thank you for being brave enough to discuss an important & difficult issue. God bless sister!

  10. I have ask myself several times in the last few months (my God story in long and complicated) why my marriage has been so important to the dark forces, I really “get” what you are saying and that we should expect and be prepared for the enemy when we take a stand and we show our light to so many people.

    1. Thanks Kelly. I am not sure how I feel about being the Godly OLDER woman yet but my husband says it’s TIME, haha! Hugs and blessings to you, dear one!

  11. Wow… Such an eye opener! Loved dat u not only shared how d enemy is working, but also what can be done abt it. (y)
    I hv been blessed umpteen times by d blogs from d Christian women (u included), but never realised d battle they were in. Will surely start praying for dem.

  12. Sometimes I think it is merely a personal failing of pridefully putting on a fake image of perfection while seeking approval of man. Neglecting what is important. Blaming our failings on the Enemy can be easier than looking in the mirror.

  13. This is so true. Thank you. I’m new to the blogging world but I can already attest to the fact that you will be fought, especially after a post that is spiritually fueled. Staying in close communication with God is a must. <3

  14. Blessings Heidi! Always love your blog! You get to the heart of issues! Thank you!
    As a blogger, I accept the role as a teacher. And with that role comes a responsibility and price. First a responsibility to live it before I write it. James 3:1 shakes me to the core. Am I practicing what I am preaching? Then the real hard questions come. Would my husband say I am living it? Would my children say I am living it? “The second is just as you said, when we step out; it seems like a target is placed on our backs. My husband and I teach in our church’s marriage ministry. We arrived at a point that we recognized the evil ones plans to bring us down as a couple happens every time we step out. (Took us years to recognize…I know…we are slow learners…please don’t judge.) “Oh, I know why we are fighting tonight!” one of us would remind the other, “We are teaching about Biblical communication skills tomorrow!” I wish I had a dollar for every time that happened! We, the Body of Christ need to uphold each other in prayer. The battle is real. My husband and I put all of our decisions to one test. Will the answer to our decision bring us closer to God and to each other as a family or will it separate us. As a result, for years, my writing took a back seat. There is too much at stake! We can’t….CAN’T….. lose this fight! The battle is constant. Praise God for HIs grace available to us! Praying for you Heidi and your family. Keep speaking out these truths!

  15. Over the summer my logging subsided, because I was busy living life. I initially worried about my “readers”, but quickly concluded if they were worried and wandered off, it didn’t matter. The ones that were really still interested in what I share, one beggar telling another beggar where to find bread, then they would read again when I wrote again. For me, that’s all it is. Sharing what God teaches me, when He teaches it to me. If even a few others are blessed, that blesses me. Thanks for the reminder to keep first things first. X

  16. Wow, I have been in a huge battle for some time now and in the wee hours of the morning God finally revealed to me why. The light in a very dark world was enlightening. As a God inspired homeschooler and blogger, we are absolutely under attack. My family stands for everything that is not of this world. I have even gone so far as to try to explain this the my husband but didn’t have the words to explain it. You just did it for me.

    I will be in prayer for you and your family as you put on your armour for the battle that lies ahead of you as well.

  17. I dont blog and I love the encouragement. Please dont feel pressure to encourage me as I need to rely on Him first. Please dont feel I would come before the precious gifts God has placed in your care. Prayers for those who are torn where their priorities belong and that you may be strong and of good courage in the path He chooses for you for He will go with you! Thank You Heidi for staying strong and reminding/remembering He will fight for you.:)

  18. Excellent post. I went through something similar not long ago where I felt I needed to reset my priorities and remember my true purpose in this earth was my children and husband and not my business.

  19. Interesting timing on this one. I just set up a blog last week. My goal was to just have a hobby/creative outlet and hope to encourage others. Yourself and a few other bloggers I follow give me the inspiration to try to capture more hearts. I haven’t posted anything yet, because I guess I’m a little timid to put myself out there. But I also feel that I have been avoiding it as well. That this will be God’s work and that is intimidating. I feel my inspiration that was with me a few weeks ago when this idea presented itself has been smooshed flat. I’m confused as to whether that is the enemy discouraging me because this will make an impact or something I just am in over my head with.

  20. Heidi, thank you! I have been wrestling with this exact issue for a little while, and not finding solid ground to stand on. We are in the midst of an unemployment season with my now ex-Navy husband, so I feel a definite pressure for views and clicks and income, even though I also know that Yahweh has provided for our finances right now, and He will continue to provide appropriately. Thank you for the reminder to stay in touch with Yahweh and His calling on my blog, knowing that I am not in this truly for money, but to speak the Truth and fight the tides of lies that are far too loud nowadays. I have to make this choice every day, for His glory, and not my own…ever. Thanks again for the reminder =0) Blessings!

    1. Julie Ann, you’re right to keep God at the center and wear the full armor of God. Every day—for His glory—because that’s what’s more important. Keep walking closely with Him. You are loved! heidi

  21. i am reminded of the movie “Julie and Julia”. Where Julie blogged/cooked each and every day. It took her out of community with everyone and made her into a completely obsessed person . As a grandma , and mother of 5 adults from 30-14 yrs. I see this generation plugged into the blue screen such as my generation into the TV ,which was professed as of Satan. I believe the millennial’s will learn at some point that they too will have to balance the use of electronics with life. That task will be harder I think because all of their life is managed through electronics. Oh, for a push back of the evil one!

  22. Great post…and aptly timed. I started a blog not too long ago. Although I’m being told that I need to posting regularly, I’m trying so hard to practice what I preach and keep my first priorities first. You helped me not feel so guilty. 🙂

    I feel like I’m constantly hearing about homeschool families (& leaders) “going down.” It breaks my heart! There is an enemy and he wants to take down our families through our marriages and our kids. & I know he hates that we use homeschooling as our main tool to infuse God into our kids lives.

    Praying for your ministry (& so many others like yours). You’ve inspired me through the years. So, thanks so much!! Gird those loins!!

  23. So good! Thank you for sharing….although I am not “out there” or popular…I’ve had to really step back and evaluate WHY I am doing this…writing and such. If it just to “be heard” – I’ve got the wrong motives. If it is because I love to write and is calling me to do this….I am encouraged to keep preserving. Thank you for the encouragement to stay in God’s word. I find that I am most satisfied when I find my pleasure in Him. These words are so timely for me! 🙂

  24. Heidi,
    Thanks for this post. This has been weighing on my heart for a long time. I took a month-long break from blogging this summer, just to refresh. It was wonderful. When I returned, I wrote a blog post about getting your priorities straight. Thanks, again for discussing this topic.

  25. Heidi,
    Thank you for the reminder! As I enter into the public realm of speaking my heart to moms, I am constantly reminded of what is at home. It is why I speak, yet it can slip away in an instant if we are not vigilant. Being out in the world of blogging and public speaking about family is not worth the disintigration of our own. Thanks for always being on point and telling it like it is, keeping our hearts with the Lord and with our own families. Holly

  26. Heidi (or Mrs. St. John… Since I’m friends with your daughter I think that’s better haha!), I wish I had seen this weeks ago. This spoke to my heart so much. I have realized in the last month what a battle this is from the attack I have felt on my heart and even body, but have worried about neglecting Josh and our young marriage. I took a week off and found guest posters so I could focus on him and it was the best thing I ever did! Thank you for this, I’m printing it so I can reread often.

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