9 thoughts on “Busy Mom’s Favorites {Quiet Time Activities for Kids}

  1. Going through this right now and your ideas are awesome, I just put a bunch of those audio books on hold at the library and will start giving this a try tomorrow! My 5 year old drives me nuts with, “is it time? Is it time? Every 5 minutes! Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. ADVENTURES IN ODYSSEY!!! (Yes, sorry for yelling). My mom used these for quiet times back when they came in cassette tape versions, and when my 3rd was born, I desperately pulled out a set in hopes of getting a much-needed nap while the baby was sleeping. I stuck a tape in for my then 4- and 6-year-old boys and they were hooked. It wasn’t long before they were eager for “Odyssey time”, and my oldest is now such a huge fan (and collector) that he has done some internship-type work FOR Focus on the Family and the Adventures in Odyssey team!

    I tell every new homeschooler I meet about the necessity for quiet time. It’s been an absolute must in our house for over 11 years, but I didn’t *really* get how much I needed it until my husband started working from home this past spring. Even HE doesn’t get to disrupt mom’s quiet time!!! My kids are now 17, 15, 11 and 9, and we still do quiet time every day after lunch!

  3. I highly recommend My Tot Clock. You can set it for a designated amount of time and hit the nap time button. It is blue during rest time and then turns yellow after the designated amount of time. It stops the “can I come out yet?” problems. We also use it to avoid early morning wake up calls. Has a time out button as well as many other features.

  4. What age would you say they’d get into audio books or Odyssey? My boys are 4.5 and almost 3. ( and a 5 mo old!) They love books and I’d say the older is pretty mature for his age in this regard….

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