8 thoughts on “What’s For Lunch: The Best List of Lunches

  1. Thank you for some great ideas!! Lunch is the last thing I think about until my kids start asking what we are having. They are so tired of PB&J and grilled cheese. I need to be better about incorporating one or two of these ideas each week!

  2. Sometimes we make our own “lunchables” : sliced turkey sausage, sliced cheese, crackers/ mini bagels. Errand day, if it involves Costco, will mean a $5 rotisserie ckn (Gasp!..not homemade!)

  3. We eat lots of bean burritos during the week. I also like little pot pies but the ones you buy have so much salt. Here’s to planning ahead.

  4. Great ideas! I find if I do meal planning ahead, it helps take the pressure off so much and you can use leftovers to make parts of lunches. Another fun idea is muffin tin lunches (we have the silicone shaped ones for fun) — fill each compartment with diced mozzarella sticks, sliced veggies, goldfish, diced cold meats, fruits, raisins, nuts, choc chips, etc. — create a rainbow of colors for them to eat!

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