8 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life … Aren’t Things

  1. I have crashed………after three weeks of go go go go go go go my body has said “enough”…..almost wanting to sleep and do nothing else the last two days. Many thoughts about WHY I continue to do this….to please others? to meet some societal expectation?

  2. Thank you so much for these wise words. So true, and important to remember! This Christmas was BY FAR on the tightest budget I’ve ever experienced, yet my husband and I agreed it was the most special ever. We have a million blessings to count, and sometimes it’s easier to appreciate God’s generous provision when you have less. We are so very thankful.

  3. We still have 3 Christmas to go. On Christmas Day we were very sick and did not even open any gifts. We try our best to space out our Christmas and try to keep them what’s important to us and not what ever else thinks we should do.

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