3 thoughts on “To Love and Respect

  1. Submission has become a looked down upon thing in our society and yet it plays such an important role in a marriage. Everything is just so much better when I’m in the place that God has created for me. I have watched my husband crushed with my careless disrespectfull words and I also know what happens when I respect him needles to say I do not like seeing him hurt and with God’s help I decided to change my ways of communicating with him and it’s amazing what that can do to a marriage. I still fail often but knowing my Jesus will provide sufficient strength to get back up is a great comfort. My husband is a great husband and father he deserves to be respected he does so much for our family. It’s so encouraging to me to see wives respecting their husbands.

    1. Sara, I believe we’ve given this a bad rap in our culture. It’s encouraging to see healthy marriages where the husband LOVES his wife and the wife respects and honors her husband. That’s how God intended it to be. Thanks for posting! xoxo heidi

  2. For me, I feel it’s at the beginning of the day that I need to decide to respect my husband. At the end of the day I’ve usually messed up already. Twenty-seven years, five children, two in-laws,and two grandkids later I love my husband immensely but, I don’t always show respect. It’s the little things lately. Then it’s hard to apologize in earnest. I think it may be hormones at this stage however, I don’t consider that an excuse to be disrespectful. I need to lean into Jesus, pour over His Word, and maybe seek some wisdom from some older women at church. Thanks for the reminder and the push to not give up striving for the goal set before us.

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