3 thoughts on ““You’re not as fun as my friend’s mom.”

  1. I am right there too – I am definitely not a fun mom – I don’t even think I’m halfway fun – more like stressed, grouchy mom. I could use some tips on how to enjoy in the midst of trying to make sure everyone in the family is fed and bathed!

  2. This was a great post! I love the idea of making sure we are still having fun as moms, not only for us, but fun with our children, and especially fun with our husbands! I agree, naps are fun for me too! For me, it’s the simple old fashion things with my kids that are fun…. making chocolate chip cookies and trying to all share the batter in the bowl! Playing games like Skip-Bo, Scrabble, Clue, Sequence, Qwixx, or Twister, etc. Knife and tomahawk throwing outside. Mini weekend road trips. Moving the laundry from the washer into the dryer, but you have to do it the “fun” way… take out the wet clothes and hand them to your daughter, but go faster than she can keep up, so you start to just pile the wet clothes on top of her head, and of course they fall off as she bends down with the load in her arm, but you pile faster until you are both laughing so hard and most of the clothes are on the floor instead! Washing dishes together… I wash, she rinses, but water gets splashed everywhere if you are having fun! Another simple fun thing for us curled up in my room/bed each working on something, whether its a book, journaling, writing, but we are together, and they seem to love that. Sometimes doing fun things is doing things we wouldn’t normally want to do or consider fun. For example, my kids want me to paint with them. I am not a painter but I know that by the time we spread our big mess out on the table (which I will be sure they clean up when we are done, not me!!) I know we will be having fun creating something, so it will be worth it in the end, and… it will be fun. :o)

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