7 thoughts on “Caring for Yourself While Caring for Your Special Needs Child

  1. While I love homeschooling and especially love that I can homeschool my children with special needs, some days are hard. And their needs affect the entire family, too, especially with different therapy schedules and extra appointments.

    I only recently started getting away and found it very helpful to reflect on what these little ones need most.

    Difficult days and all, it’s a blessing to be able to educate these little ones at home.

    Great ideas! 🙂 I know this will be an encouragement to other special needs homeschooling mamas.

  2. This is helpful for me. Not only do we have the challenge of our oldest being Autistic (10yrs), but we have 4 (8, 6, 5 & 9mo) ladies below him who behave just like him (thinking he’s the norm to copy from). We struggle with retraining them. The older they all get, the worse it is. We need suggestions on how to give them a break as well as ourselves. They’re all homeschooled and I run a daycare to help with finances. I’m burning out. Any tips?

    1. Put them in school, where they can get a different perspective on what “normal” is. This is not a slight against homeschooling. It’s a genuine suggestion for something that may really help. It may also help your girls to spend some time away from their highly attention-commanding sibling (again – not a slight, a reality of life with special needs kids).

  3. I think it’s important for women to express their needs. You are not alone. I just have 1 child with mild Aspergers, but I am Bipolar. Some days or seasons are hard. We just started to homeschool this year in 8th grade. It has been my husband who has been my rock. But I sometimes have to tell him I’m sinking. He printed out the “7 Areas of Potential Desperation” and it gives suggestions in 7 areas of life (home, food, family, finances, special events, time & scheduling and self-care) where he can really jump in and help. I can also look at the sheet and say “I need help here…Holidays are approaching”). Writing down exactly our needs when a friend or family member asks if they can help is a great idea.

  4. Hi! I am a mom of 5 children, one of whom has both physical and intellectual disabilities. My son cannot walk, talk, among other things. We have lots of doctor appointments and therapy every week. I think that having someone come up at least once a week and clean – bathroom, mop, get the kitchen wiped down, LAUNDRY! – this is HUGE to me. Another thing that you mentioned was the time out! I joke with my husband that he needs to send me to my room :0) I am blessed with three “Bigs” as some people call it. They are able to help with Sully and little Seth. I have some wonderful friends and family that I can call on for help. Being heard by your mate is important, too! God really BLESSED me in that area!! Making sure you get outside, drink plenty of water, REST (boy I am bad on that one!), exercise, reading God’s Word! Even just getting out to buy groceries by yourself – things that can help you recharge! One thing I am getting to do this year, and I did last year, is going to a homeschool convention BY MYSELF! I can’t wait! I may even get in the hot tub at the hotel! Prayers for all of the mommas, but extra for we mommas who have the extra-special privilege of caring for these extra-special children!!

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