13 thoughts on “A Little Homeschool Truth From a Veteran Homeschool Mom

  1. Loved this!! Sometimes I get so caught up in checking off the boxes that I don’t slow down to savor the moment. Thanks for sharing your heart. I’ll share this post with my readers today, too.

  2. Oh how I need to do this. I have been feeling overwhelmed lately. I only have 4 kids, ages 9,7,3 and 5 months and only 2 are doing school right now. I try to work with the 3 year old as much as I can.
    I have been reading stuff like this lately. I have been trying to be better. But I do have many people judging me in my life. I know I shouldn’t care but it’s my husband, and it’s his mom (who helps out a lot). My home is not perfect it’s a mess all the time. Anyway trying to be better is what I am trying to say!

  3. Thank you for that much needed message today as I sit in a huge mess, started late, half done!!! I am so thankful my kids are so flexible, loving and patient with their mom!

  4. Thank you so much for this post! I have been feeling so overwhelmed lately and this made me feel so much better. I am cyber schooling my 3 sons ages 7,11 and 15. I know it is not completely homeschooling but I am slowly transitioning to complete homeschooling. My husband is not completely on board with the idea yet. Mainly because of his mother is totally against cyber and homeschooling and she has moved in next door. She is always making nasty cracks about my pulling the boys from public school. The sad thing is they are all doing way better than they ever did in public school. Our sons are now so much more fun loving and even eager to learn. My youngest even asks to work on school extra every day. He is now reading almost at a third grade level and when he left school last year he could barely read at a first grade level. So I do know I am making the right choices but the last few weeks I was having doubts. Your post made me realize that even though we are only making little steps at the moment it will lead to bigger things in the end. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. Marianne,
    What intrigued me about your post was your passing comment about having 7 kids with dyslexia. You win! I have 4 kids with dyslexia: 17,19,21,23 now. We homeschooled for about 8 years and each of my kids did Orton-Gillingham dyslexia tutoring for 6-8 years a piece.
    I am an OG tutor myself now. I am curious what you have found effective in teaching your kids reading, math and other subjects. Have you used All About Reading and All About Spelling? Bless you and keep on pressing on! Two of my kids are engineering students and our most dyslexic won a full tuition scholarship to a Christian university-pretty crazy! God is faithful!

  6. “Homeschooling sure looks different mid-summer while absolutely no school is being done” – oh, isn’t that the absolute truth! It is my current goal to not panic at what isn’t being completed, but bask in the glory of what is! God is good!

  7. I too often wonder how things will all get done, especially during the weeks were every chore and homework is a struggle. Thank you for the encouragement of what is really important!

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