21 thoughts on “Hot Monogamy: 3 Ways A Massage Can Ignite Passion In Your Marriage

    1. Hi Kelly, and YES. Absolutely. 🙂 Lavender,frankincense, and Ylang Ylang are my faves. I also love oils that have an “earthy” scent to them, so Sandalwood is great, too. Have a great Valentine’s Day!

          1. Hi Ladies!

            As far as essential oil companies go, there’s a lovely one called Mountain Rose Herbs that you can order from online. They’re organic, pesticide-free, fair trade, premium oils at decent prices.

            There’s also a brand called Now Foods that they stock at Whole Foods and on Amazon that have some lovely oils and some of their range is organic too.

            You only need a few drops per bottle of carrier oil! Also, just do some research first to make sure the oil is right for you. Not all are suitable for all medical conditions, etc.

            I also recommend checking that your partner likes the scent too. Nothing worse than a massage with a fragrance you can’t stand!

            I hope that helps!

  1. I never know what to get my husband for Valentine’s day…I LOVE it! Much better than another Starbucks gift card, and I can benefit from the gift… I almost feel guilty. Almost.

  2. What carrier oil do you recommend? I have to order the course when my Paypal money comes through on Monday (my secret gift giving fund) I’m sure he suggests oils on the video, but I may have to order the oil before I order the videos so it will get here on time. My husband won’t be tipped off by an amazon order on the credit card! BTW, he doesn’t care, it’s just hard to to keep a surprise from the one who DILEGENTLY does the finances. That’s a blessing most times, until I’m trying to sneak a gift for him! Thanks for any suggestions for carrier oils!

    1. We second Heidi here – cold pressed sweet almond oil is a fantastic carrier oil easy to source too.

      If nut allergies are a problem, we recommend grapeseed oil or apricot oil.

      Happy massaging!

  3. Hey Heidi,
    Yay for the momheart conference. Thanks for sharing. I adopt you as my role model!!! I want to be just like you when I grow up. Heehee. Loved what you shared and really came to the conference with a friend not knowing what I really needed from it. Don’t get me wrong, mommy hood is hard, but I’m pretty content with the path we’re on and I actually didn’t really want to take time away from the business at home to listen to a bunch of moms talk at me. Well, God’s good and has His plan and I discovered my focus in parenting is actually going to be spending more energy on my marriage. Love the hubby, but man is that relationship on the back burner most days. I looked up your blog while sitting at the conference and low and behold the first post was on intimacy in marriage. So cool. Thanks to God for the paths He chooses to cross and the way he sends encouragement to us aside from the sweet perfection of His word. Thanks for taking the time to talk at me.

  4. My husband and I are currently watching his free video series and loving it!!! Definitely on my wish list for Valentine’s Day! We all so need more connection and romance on our marriages nowadays. Thanks for sharing this post Heidi! This just reinforced the quality and value of Melt for those who were still over the fence like me. 🙂

  5. Heidi, I can’t find a way to email you privately, so I will post my thoughts as a comment here. I just listened to your latest podcast (I am not on FB, by the way, so missed the whole backlash situation you described). I am disheartened to hear about the responses you got to your very wise and helpful advice about the movie. I know that you are, too. I just wanted to encourage you that there are many women out here that agree with you; that want to present our bodies AND MINDS as living sacrifices to God, holy and acceptable to Him through Christ. I wonder how many people claim the title ‘Christian’ but do not really know the saving power of Christ and the transforming process of the Holy Spirit’s work? Or maybe they are very young in their spiritual journey with the Lord? Either way, you are doing a wonderful job of being a light in a dark culture. Be encouraged, friend! And keep it up! I love your podcasts and look forward to them when I have a few uninterrupted minutes to listen! I’m a Mom of eight and appreciate the common perspective I share with you and Durenda! 😉

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