Melt: Massage For Couples

Statistics tell us that men and women struggle to find time for intimacy in their marriage. In fact, most married couples I speak to tell me that one of the first areas in the relationship to take a hit when the stress of life comes is physical intimacy. It’s easy to put a tender caress to the bottom of the list amidst the busyness of life—when in reality, physical touch is one of the best de-stressors we have in marriage!

Three years ago, I was introduced to a series of videos that I knew were going to change the way my husband and I saw date night—and I was right. I figured I’d check them out and was so impressed!

Let’s just say I think you’re gonna love this idea. 🙂

Father’s Day Sale

From now through Father’s Day, when you purchase Melt’s Sweet Almond Massage Oil—you get FREE access to Melt’s Couples Massage MasterClass for 30 days. Amazing, right?!

You’ll get 17 massage techniques and three back rub routines designed to bring you and your love closer together. Your access will include everything —so from beginner to advanced techniques.

The oil is amazing, friends! No preservatives, no additives, no perfumes. Just one ingredient: Almonds. Cold pressed to maintain nutrients for healthy skin and maximum moisturizing.

How do I get access to the free massage master class?

I’m so glad you asked! Here’s how:

STEP 1: Purchase your oils on Amazon HERE

STEP 2: Head on over to the couples massage courses page and enter your name, email address, and your Amazon Order ID. Your “Amazon Order ID is your “Order #” which is found under the “Order Details” option of your order.

To learn more about Melt and the couples massage info, you can visit them on their website

Looks good, right?

Massage gives mt husband and I the gift of relaxation, and time together to reconnect and spend time with each other— just the two of us.  A simple massage, with some essential oils combined with Melt’s Oil, allows me to  focus on how my body feels. For me, and many other women, that’s 9/10th of the struggle. When I’m focusing on my body and my husband, rather than my to-do list, good things happen for both of us.

Marriage should be a passionate love affair that never gets boring.
In short, monogamy should be hot!

Here is why massage helps to build intimacy and trust in your marriage

Massaging each other is an opportunity to slow down… together

High-speed internet. 24 hour email access. Real-time status updates. Is it just me? Or does the world seem to spin faster these days? Sitting down to a decadent massage together provides a rare opportunity to stop and be together, focused entirely on each other. For just 30 minutes, you can dim the lights, play some soft music and treat each other to a muscle-melting massage. This is a wonderful escape for multi-tasking wives and the husbands who love them.

Massage in marriage is a 100% “hands-on” experience

It doesn’t take a marriage therapist to tell you that giving your spouse a massage enhances your intimate connection and builds trust in your marriage. Intimacy is a requirement for healthy relationships, but it doesn’t always come automatically. We need to make space and time to foster our intimate connections, and massaging each other is one very simple way to do that. On top of the time you spend together, you very literally have your hands on each other, helping to reinforce the intimate bond. As you start to work knots from aching muscles and your partner falls back into you, you can take that as a sign of complete trust. The entire experience is seriously incredible. And, if you are both so inclined (and I promise you, it will be hard not to be) it can lead to wonderfully intimate and steamy sex, too.

Massage speaks to several “love languages” at once

Treating your husband to a massage is a beautiful way to show him that he’s very much appreciated and loved. In fact it hits almost every Love Language, if you think about it. Massage very clearly speaks to the Physical Touch love language, of course. But if you think about it, it’s also Quality Time spent together,it’s an Act of Service (especially if you don’t ask for one in return!) and if you play your cards right it can make for a gorgeous gift… just package up some massage oil and a scented candle in a big bow and then go on to actually massage your husband and watch him melt with joy.

It’s easy, too—Denis recommends you stage your massage experience into three separate date nights… “it’s unlike anything you’ve ever done before. Simply add oil and follow along to the videos online. Use your iPad, Laptop or even SMART TV, the videos are device ready.”

A few things I love about MELT

Denis keeps things PG-rated.

Sure, there’s romantic music and the couple is massaging each other, but clothes stay on, and the focus is on learning how to give a massage. (Yes, she’s wearing a strapless top, but that’s so you can see the proper technique on her shoulders). As Denis says, if things lead somewhere else, that’s fine—but that’s not what his video series is trying to teach you. So you don’t have to worry that this is pornographic in nature! It isn’t—it really is just about learning technique.

We learned that we were doing massage wrong—and how to do it right.

These videos break down our misconceptions about massage—which shows what we’re doing wrong—and how to do massage right! (hint: no thumbs allowed!) I have now become the massage favorite during movie night at our house. It’s easy!

The videos are short to watch together.

Each video is broken down into short tutorials that are under 5 minutes in length. Each focus is on learning one technique. At the end, there is a video featuring a routine using all the new techniques you just learned!

Everything builds on each other.

It’s amazing! Each night you feel like you’ve learned something new, and at the end of the series, you will have confidence in your technique and understanding of how massage works.

They’re easy to watch together and do together.

(Translation: great date night!) You just watch one of the short ones a night and then practice on each other. Because you’re watching the technique, it’s easy to say, “I’ll go first, then you try it.” Or, to make it more enticing for him, let him massage you first. That way you can’t fall asleep because you have to massage him afterwards—so he won’t worry that if he massages you the night will be over because you’ll be in dreamland. I’ve been saying a lot on this blog that it is so important to start going to bed together, at the same time, so that you have opportunity to connect.

Instead of watching one more show on Netflix, or browsing Pinterest, or Facebook, or scrolling through Instagram Stories—this gives you a reason to head to bed.

 Are you ready to purchase your MELT oils and get access to the couples massage course? Just hop on over to Amazon to purchase them and remember to then go to their couples massage courser page to enter your order info! 

Read more about why I love MELT here. And if you’re looking for some secrets on a lasting romance, tune in to the podcast—Hot Monogamy: Secrets of a lasting romance!