8 thoughts on “A Powerful Partnership

  1. This is all so very true and I love how you put it! Before I began homeschooling, I took my son to kindergarten for the first time and in the spirit I felt as though I were leaving him with a pack of wolves and was hoping I had prepared him enough! Well, we never made it through the year. His teacher was nice enough but it just wasn’t for him and I thank God everyday that He gave me the strength to start homeschooling my children and have my confidence be from Him. Now I see that I am training up mighty warriors for His kingdom to go out and do His work one day. This is my time to train them in the ways of the Lord so they won’t depart from it. I love my children so much and am honored that God picked me to do the job and make sure and spend time listening to His instructions for me from day to day. Thank you for all you do to encourage me and so many others in this important job we’ve been given….

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