5 thoughts on “3 Important Things for a Healthy Marriage

  1. Thank you for your words that are so helpful.
    Being married now for 45 years, I think often of how different Johnny and I are, yet we have many things in common. Those differences can make us or break us.
    I listen to silly complaints from women who really do need to let certain things go, or learn how to address things in a healthy, respectful way – remembering that we women have our own issues.
    We treat our girlfriends with more respect than we do our husbands at times.
    So if you have to hang up that shirt that is only 3 feet from the closet, or take his shoes from the living room to the bedroom, remember to thank God that you still have him.
    Many women have lost their husbands by death and would give anything to still have the opportunity to hang up his shirt.

  2. This may sound dumb, but I need some more ideas of “fun” for my husband and myself. We do need some fun, even he has been saying so.

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