22 thoughts on “What is the Goal of Education?

  1. I too love this verse. It makes me realize how truly blessed I am. I do not homeschool my kiddos. I am a public school teacher. I truly believe that Christ has opened the doors to place me in the school that I am teaching in. It makes me realize why I teach. I want Christ’s love to shine through me so all of my sweeties can get to know Him. I also get to watch my own two personal sweeties grow and share the love of Christ with others. What an amazing responsibility God has intrusted me with! 🙂

  2. Stephanie…..we have homeschooled for 12+ years. My sophomore DD is taking an AP class at the local brick and mortar. I am really picky about who I allow my children to have daily contact with. Her AP teacher is one of the best people and teacher I have had the pleasure of having teach my children. I am putting together a letter to the principal in support of her work in the classroom. I also pulled my daughter out of the Spanish class she signed up for and opted to do it online, because of a teacher who probably shouldn’t be in the High School at all. I am so thankful we live where “Choice in Education” is allowed. I applaud all you great families who take raising your children seriously and have more than a hand in raising them. I have my hands, my feet, my head, my heart, my back, and fingers in raising mine. Love the article. Sharing it.

  3. I agree with this wholeheartedly.

    I have a question.
    My daughter is in 9th grade this year. All of our previous years of HSing I have combined both dds (one is 2 years younger)in history, science and read-alouds. This year I felt the need for them to do all subjects separately so that the older dd could get credit for biology and high school in general. This has lead to them doing all subjects independent of one another.

    I cannot find enough hours in the day for me to bop back and forth to help each one and complete all work each day. We are weeks behind. And this school year is draining me instead of it being fulfilling.

    Is is possible to still combine subjects once a student starts into the high school years and still meet all state requirements for graduation?

    I need help and I know you have children that have graduated.
    Any input you have is greatly appreciated.

    Thank you,

  4. I love, love this description of education. I am choosing to homeschool my children starting next year…6 year old boy, 3 year old girl. I have met plenty of people that don’t understand…a lot of family that doesn’t “get it.” Thank you for this great verse that sums it all up. I know I’m determined to do this…I just didn’t know completely why until now. That sounds crazy, but you don’t know me. I know what’s in my head and my heart, but often have a hard time relaying it to others, especially under pressure. I now have a “go-to” verse from God’s word. The only authority I will ultimately answer to. I am blessed with the opportunity to have quit my corporate job and take this leap of faith called motherhood and homeschooler. Here we go! 😉

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