11 thoughts on “Indoor Nature Study on Apples

  1. We read a chapter from one of Thornton Burgess’s books. Last year it was “The Burgess Animal Book for Children” and this year it is his bird book. Each chapter deals with 2 North American animals or birds. Then we go online and look up photos and videos of the animals in action. Yesterday we read about Tree Swallows and Chimney Swifts. The kids were fascinated by seeing videos of the Swifts hopping around in chimneys as if they were some sort of feathered bat. We also looked up pictures of their nests (Swifts make a nest of twigs that they glue to the inside of a chimney with their spit!), their eggs, their hatchlings, and their fledglings. Even being outdoors, we could never see this kind of stuff. =)

    1. Natalie thank you for sharing that resource. It sounds like something my boys would really enjoy. I’m going to see if my local library has a copy. And I love that we can see things that are not in our backyards thanks to the internet 🙂

      1. They are fun books! They are kind of old so sometimes the speech is a little odd to us, but they are still enjoyable. I think it’s cool that my 7 year old son is getting interested in birds because of this year’s book too. We have a bird feeder and a suet feeder in the yard and over the weekend he said, “Hey look! A woodpecker is on the suet feeder! I think it’s a Downy!” Today he pulled out the binoculars so he could get a closer look at a cardinal. When we get to the owls, I want to order some owl pellets online and look at what they’ve been eating.

  2. The sand dollar is another incredible indoor study . . . if you are willing to break it open. You can just google “sand dollar story” and you should be able to find what I’m talking about. Good luck and enjoy God’s great world!

  3. We also use Netflix for some great resources. I love to explore nature and animals.

    The BEST so far has been a fairly short film on Killer Whales. My husband and I learned some interesting facts and even my six year old daughter has been going around informing people facts we learned. Did you know they aren’t actually a whale at all? It’s amazing to see how smart they are!

    1. Holly I have not checked out any videos on Netflix. I need to. And I had no idea that they weren’t really whales! I’m going to look up that video for our school time this week. My boys LOVE whales and sharks.

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