11 thoughts on “Finding Your Child’s Learning Style

  1. Hello. Is there a particular assessment you would recommend? I am learning as much as I can until I have the money for testing my 11yo for dyslexia. Thanks for any suggestions.

    1. I have an online learning styles assessment and I offer consulting with that as well. It takes about 25 minutes and it covers the child’s disposition, learning styles, talents, interests and strengths. It gives career choices based on those strengths and many strategies for learning. You can contact me at dawn@solimaracademy.com

  2. I tried a bunch of the free tests for myself and kept getting different results! How do I know what one us accurate? I don’t want to use tests for my kids unless I know they actually work! Recommendations? Thanks!

  3. I am fortunate in that my daughter learns the same way I do. We both would flourish in public school. Something tells me, I probably won’t be that lucky with all my children.

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