25 thoughts on “5 Christmas Picture Books That Will Point Your Kids to Jesus

    1. No—religion does not cause conflict. How would a child make a decision about “religion” if he/she never knows of he love of God. And how would he/she learn that if they are not read to or taught?

  1. These look so great, thanks so much for posting! My kids are probably too young for these now but I am going to remember this in a couple years!

  2. @Georgina Chunnoo – we are commanded in the Bible to teach our children about God from the moment we awake until we go to bed. It is ultimately their decision if they accept Jesus as their Savior, but it our responsibility to obey God’s Word and teach them about Jesus. Jesus said in this world we will be persecuted because He was, but that should be no reason to neglect to teach them about Him. Their eternal souls are at stake, don’t leave your children to the wolves.

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