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  1. Spending that time with family is the best! We took a six week cross country road trip (our then 10year old son, hubby and I)a couple years ago. To this day we still talk about the positive impact it had on us as a family. We became so close. We are even talking about doing it again. We did the hotels along the way so if you have questions please feel free to contact me.

  2. We just bought an RV in order to see the country from the ground 🙂 without being confined to the seats of a minivan. We have a boy and girl that have begun to enjoy fighting a lot so we thought they could spread out and have their own space. So far we have only taken 1 long trip and it was amazing. It was great to sleep in parking lots and divert from the main road to see things along the way. Where are some of the most memorable places that you have been?

      1. I think it’s cool. I joke with my husband about doing that..but he has to work. Lol. That’s kind of important. Williamsburg is only about an hour from me. I’d love to pay a visit to your rv next time you’re there :).

  3. Sounds like a lot of adventures! Home wood Suites are good for large families and have a complimentary evening meal Monday thru Thursdays plus complimentary breakfast every day. Drury Inns also have complimentary meals M-Th and breakfasts as well.

    1. I echo that sentiment. Homewood’s often have a 2 bedroom plus living room suite that can hold the whole family. They also have full kitchen (with dishes) and the free breakfast included. Just a real blessing for large families!

  4. Yes! We’ve RV’d as a family of 7 plus 2 dogs many summers, and we love it, too! I especially like your shoe-holder/organizer idea. We own our RV now, but when we rented, I always wondered why no one had places to hang things up where they couldn’t slide and fall when driving.

    One suggestion for other families: if you have another family willing to vacation with you, you can have SO much fun traveling together. The kids play with each other in one RV while the parents have a quiet meal in one RV–it’s fantastic. And you can help each other with repairs or other emergencies. We have fond memories of doing this.

  5. This blog entry couldn’t have come at a better time as my husband and I and our 15 month old are officially moving into our 5th wheel this weekend!! My husband does contract work and instead of doing rentals we took the plunge and bought an rv. We have stayed for a few months at a time in an rv in the past but that was pre-baby so this will be a whole new experience. I loved your idea of getting a canvas shoe organizer to write on and decorate. Any other organizational ideas or tips for living in an rv with a baby?

    Good luck on all of your travels and thanks so much for sharing your life with us!

    1. Angie, we did it with a baby and I think the key is to just keeping to a schedule as much as you can. We built a bassinet into the back of the RV, and whenever we stopped, we got her OUT. 🙂 She did great. In many ways, babies are easier than toddlers! Have a great time!

  6. I think it is great that your family is willing to take on such an adventure! It is such an amazing experience to travel the country with your family! We had the opportunity to do something similar last summer. My husband had a job opportunity in Minnesota, so we packed up our suburban (with 3 days notice) and drove from Washington to Minnesota. We spent a month in a hotel with our four children. They were 7 and under which was nice for fitting in a room with two queen beds and a port a crib. The hotel was very accommodating and allowed us to have a toaster oven and electric skillet in our room which already had a mini fridge and a small pantry area with a large counter on top. This allowed me to cook meals and save money. From Minnesota we went to Missouri and stayed with my parents for over a month and then visited Mt.Rushmore and Yellowstone on our way back to Washington. It was an amazing trip and our kids did great. They loved getting to see the country this way! I am very grateful that we were able to do this and I hope to do more road trips in the future.

  7. I will need to get one of those shoe keepers for our rv. We just bought it and will move into it for a year starting May 15. 4 kids and a dog, our goal is to see all 50 states in a year. Love reading about others experiences.

    1. I’m trying to embark on a rounds the country trip with 5 kids. Any suggestions on planning route and time-frames?

  8. Ive never RV’d but it sounds fantastic! I’m wondering about seatbelts. Are there enough for a large family? Or do you not need them? Also, do you ever stay with host families? You could save a ton of money that way. Just an idea.

  9. I love how timely your blog posts are! Thank you for sharing your tips. Our family may be spending the summer in an RV so they will definitely come in handy. I especially like that you learned that we really don’t need much “stuff” – its nice to let go and I hope we will learn that lesson as well.

  10. Hello Heidi,

    We have not RVed yet. We did take a 5 week trip in the 15 passenger van. We had a great time.

    If the hotel thing doesn’t work, check into renting vacation homes. We found that to be the most economical. We had a great houses or apartments. Each had a laundry facility and a real kitchen. We only ate out twice in those weeks. Once was because the chicken caught on fire and the other with friends. We enjoyed our privacy. With seven children, we always had a place to run and romp.

    I appreciate the tip about exercise. I would have never thought of that.

    Hope you have a fun trip.
    Mary W.

  11. We are considering renting out our house and trying this out for a year. It would be a great adventure for me and my children because I am a restless sort and love to experience new things and travel and they do too. I can work my business from anywhere. My husband stays in hotels all week anyway with his work and just comes home on the weekends. He can just come visit us wherever we are or visa versa.

    I homeschool my four boys. I’m curious, do your children miss having friends other than siblings? Do they keep in contact with their friends back home via internet or phone? I’m also very concerned with security. Do you ever feel unsafe staying overnight at truck stops or Wal-Mart parking lots?

    Thank you for this blog and your facebook page. It helps me often when I need a boost or to help me keep things in the right perspective on days when things get really hectic or frustrating.

    Have a safe and exciting trip!

  12. What a great adventure. My family would love this. I just have one personal questions. Feel free to ignore if you want…but how would one afford this. I see that people rent out their house. But while on the road how do you make an income. I know you speek at confrences which help. What are other ideas for others to afford this. Thanks for all your inspiring words of encouragement to us busy moms.

    1. Hey Becky! I am happy to answer your question. My husband and I do this for a living. We write and self-publish our own books. When you write a book, it’s a lot like producing a record. If you want the book to be out there, you’ve got to hit the road. So we’ve been at this now for about seven years, and every year we figure out new ways to do it. It’s not always easy, but I really believe that when God calls you to something, he gives you the grace and the means to do it.

      Keep seeking the Lord! He’s got something He wants you to do, too.

  13. What a great blog! We are venturing into homeschooling this summer/fall and we are just starting to plan our first RV roadtrip for spring break 2014 (I am a public school teacher — ahh the irony) so we have 2 full weeks to explore! We are going to rent an RV from Cruise America. Hubby did a bunch of research and that seems to be the best fit for us. Wondering why you decided against rving this year (aside from the obvious reason – breakdowns)? Hope your road trip is awesome and trouble-free!

  14. Hi Heidi, I love the picture of your son adding a state to the map. We often take road trips and I would love for my children to have a map similar to the one pictured. Where did you get it or how did you make it? Thank you!

  15. Heidi, I’ve been wanting to RV a long trip as well. My husband is NOT convinced that we won’t all kill each other. We’ve got four kids, but the oldest has Asperger’s, so he’s very difficult. But his other major concern is how to have intimate time with the kids so close by. You certainly don’t have to answer this in a public forum, but if you could e-mail how y’all managed this, I’d appreciate it!

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