Ready, Set … GO! (and a great little story)

Tow truck takes our old RV away

God has a wonderful way of shepherding His kids.

I have come to believe that He loves to put His unique fingerprint on certain times in our lives just so that we remember it’s really all about Him.

For those of you who are new to our ministry and family blog, I’ll do a quick recap: In 2009, we took the RV that you see here on a road trip across the United States.  Our purpose was to encourage homeschool co-ops and to speak to parents and pastors about homeschooling.

We traveled from WA to VA and home again, and we saw God show Himself faithful in every circumstance we found ourselves in. From protection during a robbery in New Orleans to a miraculous connection in Williamsburg, Virginia, God made His presence known to us.

That little RV went through a lot too. When we were 30 miles away from home, the transmission on the RV gave out. *poof*.




Thanks for the memories!

That was the last time we drove it.  Friends drove up and helped us unpack it at a rest area near Longview, WA. Since that August afternoon, our little RV has been sitting in a parking lot waiting for it’s next adventure.

On Tuesday, we felt the Lord was telling us it was time to list the RV for sale, and so we put it up on Craigslist. Itsold within 10 minutes. Thursday,  just hours before we left on our new road trip, the towtruck came and towed it out of our driveway. It was as if we were ushering out the old and the Lord was saying “Ready, set, GO” for this new adventure.

If you follow our journey, you’ve heard the “One Hundred Dollar Bill” story.

You’ll never guess how the new owner felt led to pay for the RV.

33 One Hundred Dollar Bills.

Here we go again. 🙂

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