7 thoughts on “Christmas Spritz Cookies

  1. Folks probably know this — but that baking tool you are missing a part from is a Wilton model. I had never made these type of cookies but last year I found that cookie press thing on sale the day (or weekend) after Christmas at Micheals or Hobby Lobby (I can’t remember) for $5! This was like 75% off. I just made spritz cookies with my 2 year old grand-girl — so easy (where have these been my whole life!). Watch those after season sales for the best price on these kitchen tools etc. I also bought a 6 pack of large canisters of sprinkles for $3.

      1. You can get replacement parts from Pampered Chef …. it’s a different order form than the one you get at a party. Just check with your consultant.

  2. Is there a secret to having the sprinkles stay on the cookie? When I’ve made these in the past with a cookie gun, the sprinkles fell off or got stuck in the ridges. They tasted great – just didn’t look picture ready …. LOL!

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