5 thoughts on “Will You Be The Mom Who Refuses to be Sidelined?

  1. This is an important post. I’d like to add that I think things have gotten out of hand partially because people are not rooted in their identities and visions of what life should consist of. That is why people feel so heavily influenced by what other people are doing or saying, whether it is peers or “the powers that be”. When my son was in gymnastics as a little guy, I was astounded by the conversation in the waiting area for the parents. Everyone was trying to find out something, as if there was some great “must know” ….”out there”…and that they were afraid of their kids being left in the dust somehow. The last time I could recall that sort of feeling was in high school. I hadn’t been in high school for decades at that point and couldn’t comprehend how people felt so obliged to always have a conversation about whatever they are doing…home repairs, school requirements, sports, vacations, food, dish soap, grumbling over this, asking about that. I found the conversation incredibly tedious and would sit there trying to read something that was worthwhile during that time.

    All of this is to say that this sense of being sidelined comes from people believing they must follow the herd…or they will sideline their children. If you know what you know, and you are who you are, don’t let the herd convince you that you are somehow missing out on something. When you know who you are and you live your life a certain way, “they” can call you out on whatever they want and you can gracefully acknowledge them and turn around and continue what you were doing.

    We are not on-lookers of our children’s lives. We make their lives happen. We keep the day going, we give them the framework for their lives. We set the rhythm of their lives, and we keep them fed and clothed physically, psychologically and spiritually. We do this just by living our lives in a meaningful way. If we can teach them to understand that we live a great life because we made it happen, our children will grow up to be creators of their lives and not just passively follow the herd.

    The herd is leading people–souls—to very dark places. Our culture is reeling. Let’s slow down, know who we are, know where we came from and not lose sight of those things. The “powers that be” can think what they want. We are responsible for our children. Period. We don’t have to apologize for making decisions and choices that don’t make sense to anyone else. If doctor’s offices or schools or anyone wants to tell us we parents are not needed, I can encourage them to have my son pay his own medical bills. Just kidding. But it would be a funny idea.

    This is an important point, Heidi. Thanks for posting.

    1. I agree, Katarina! Parents are not just “onlookers” in the lives of their children—they are, or should be, the primary influencers. My husband calls this a “herd” mentality as well. So true! No wonder Jesus often referred to His people as “sheep!” Thanks for your comments.

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