10 thoughts on “Intentional Intimacy

  1. Angel I hear you. I’d say the same principles hold true. Talk to your husband about it, do what you can. See someone who can help you address this important part of your marriage. I’ve heard from many women in this situation, so you’re not alone. One friend of mine said her husband’s lack of desire was related to very low (almost non-existent) testosterone levels) Hang in there. <3

  2. In my marriage, we both have had seasons either wanting sex all the time or having no interest at all. I encourage open communication! Don’t think, “he should know.” He doesn’t! And vise versa you don’t know what he’s thinking either.
    One thing we do is talk or text during the day and build up antisipation for seeing each other after work. (Some days when he gets home I’m as excited to see him as i was when we were first dating!)
    I wrote a blog about using our old “love notes” to help “light the fire again.” http://cultivatingtrio.com/2013/07/25/love-notes/
    My last, but probably most important, is pray together. We don’t do it as consistently as I’d like, but anything is better than nothing. 🙂 It gives him an opportunity to hear my heart and me his. I think knowing each other is a key part in intamacy!
    Thanks again for these encouraging posts!

  3. Heidi~i just spotted your Facebook page and now started reading your blog. U and all i have read so far.{I’m just pinging around reading here and there} is wonderful

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