4 thoughts on “A Union of Two Forgivers

  1. Hi Heidi..this is totally off topic, but I am not sure how else to reach you on the matter. I have been trying to purchase items in your store, but the website does not seem to be functioning properly at all. I tried to join your email list and the submit button would not seem to work either. So I am just leaving you this message to let you know there may be some hic-cups on the site that you may want to look into. Thanks 🙂 love your podcasts by the way!

  2. dear Heidi, I’m trying to subscribe to your site ro get your newsletter, but it looks as if it’s only for the states as it asks for a zip code but I live in France!

    1. Feel free to skip that spot or put 37891 just for a zip code to put in. (And ignore it if you ever get an email about Heidi coming to Tennessee. lol!) You are definitely welcome to get the newsletter!

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