8 thoughts on “When Your Homeschool Year Starts Off Crazy

  1. Thank you for this great post! Our year started out better than normal but quickly got crazy with my husband’s work commitments and upcoming short deployment….this post helped me with the guilt I have felt for “dropping the ball” on school. The emotions, preparations and time together before he goes are our lesson!

    And my demanding PRECIOUS little one year old – I have work to do in me about her noisy,messy little interruptions.

    Thanks again for sharing!

    1. Our kids are learning all the time. Even if we only teach a fraction of what we had hoped in a week, our kids are still learning and the life skills they are mastering are so incredibly valuable. Many of my older kids’ friends who are not homeschooled are sorely lacking in what we consider everyday skills for our homeschooled kids. Blessings to you!

  2. Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you! This is exactly what I needed to hear. We started our school year in early August and made it through one week. Since then our household has been filled with illness. Colds, respiratory infections, and my fibromyalgia flares have kept at least one of us down if not all four of us. I’ve been feeling like a homeschool failure and been stressed on top of sick (which makes my Fibro worse! ). Thank you for reminding me of who is truly in charge of our days and plans and schedules. God bless you and yours 🙂

    1. I cannot even begin to count the number of our school days that have been interrupted by sickness, business needs and just everyday emergencies. I would hasten to say that there were more of those than the ‘good’ days! Focusing on relationships with each other and with God really is a powerful thing – academics will come. Thanks for commenting, Kate. God bless!

  3. We haven’t done a lot of bookwork since “school”started this September, so what have we done? An actual family holiday, visited the Royal Tyrell museum in Drumheller, Alberta, and the Creation Science Museum in Big Valley, Alberta. We learned what is the best way to debate and present our arguments and viewpoints, and what is an oppositional way to do that. We have done some bookwork and a lot of our harvest/fall chores. Today my 12 and 13 yr old boys are helping renovate our church with their grandfather, so what are they learning? So much more than a book can ever teach them. So much more! My older two are graduated and working, and my 15 yo is sitting beside me in the coffee shop writing. What is she learning? How to use her time wisely, and how to write. She also is dyslexic and math challenged but, oh so smart! Full of stories and thoughts, wisdom and love. Sigh of relief. I needed to read your post today and remember that God is in control. My kids are His first and forever.I am simply his servantof love to them.

  4. L-O-V-E this. Amen! This is my year every year it seems! I cannot help but notice you said grandkids..?!?! You and Heidi need to post your anti-aging secrets at some point!

  5. Thank you SO much for this, Marianne!
    I cannot begin to tell you how much this touches my heart right now. We usually have a wonderful start to our homeschool year, but, this year has been inside out and upside down to say the least. We keep plugging along though by His grace and pray alot during the day and am learning that it is His will in His time that will be done. This has been a learning experience for all of us 😉 Praying and staying close to God makes it all beautiful…even the ugly beautiful days show a little beauty at the end! Thank you 🙂

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