20 thoughts on “Holidays: Real-Life Learning in High Gear

  1. I just moved so needless to say my home has been chaotic before, during, and after the move… Now, we have the holidays ahead of us all I want to do is fun stuff with the kids… Have been feeling so inadequate as a homeschool teacher. Thanks for the reminder that they ARE learning real life stuff!

  2. Love this, Heather. Thank you for such a beautiful reminder… I had no plans to officially shelf our curriculum this month, but found myself struggling to fit school into our days this week. This post is helping me squash the guilt!!!

  3. Reading this from my hospital room, one day out of a hysterectomy. I really needed to read this! Definitely putting the curriculum away for the month when I get home. I’m going to gather my girls around me & just enjoy this season of recovery, joy, love and most of all the birth of our Lord & Savior.

    1. eating crow here too 🙂 taught public school for years, while finishing up my masters of edu. but you know what, crow can taste really good if it’s eaten for the right reason 🙂

  4. I loved reading this! It got me thinking about the chores my young kids have, and I realized I’m doing better than I credit myself for, since they can already (at ages 4 and 6) do so many helpful, vital things! And it is so true that homeschooling is a way of life, because it means we weave education into every activity; we’re always looking for *how* something is educational, because we recognize that learning is a way of life.

  5. This is so great, Heather! While learning is still happening in the everyday, I’m finding that I’m not doing much more to make this time of year more special. There’s not much that we have going on that screams “It’s Christmas time!” other than the multi-color lit tree.
    I don’t have to do all the crafts and yummy baking that goes on for days, I want to start SOMETHING, ya know?
    I wouldn’t mind us having a little speed, hustle and bustle.

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