10 thoughts on “Forgetting Thanksgiving:The Nightmare Before Christmas

  1. Be sure to watch Kurt Cameron’s epic movie called “Monumental” to get the true story of the pilgrims and America’s beginning. You won’t be disappointed! It’s a new Thanksgiving tradtion worth starting.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your heart on Thanksgiving. It is my heart also. I was wondering the same thing here in my town, how Christmas has arrived but very little about Thanksgiving. The old traditional thanksgiving day is no longer it seems. Which saddens my heart greatly, so seeing this today blest my heart and lifted me to the point I am going to make it a super duper awesome Thanksgiving for my family and friends. thanks so much Heidi, have a blest and awesome Thanksgiving. the Lord bless you and yours. In His Love, Gloria

  3. I am so with you here. I feel businesses rush each holiday. It looks like one big blur have the time. I was talking to a friend about when I was little remember my mom putting up Thanksgiving decorations in the window of Pilgrims, turkeys and Indians. We used to talk about them in school and have a mock First Thanksgiving. Oh how those days are missed. thanks for this reminder of slowing down.

  4. Thank you for posting this! It is so true and we all need to be standing up for Thanksgiving more. My family stay home and share a wonderful dinner and make wonderful memories on this day. We share what we are thankful for this year and yes we watch “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving” I spend the week before and the week of doing Thanksgiving lessons for the kids. It is so important that we give Thanksgiving its time. It represents not only what we are thankful for each and every day but also the freedom that the pilgrims came here for. Bless you and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  5. Wishing you a blessed Thanksgiving. I try to remember the proclamation Lincoln made as it is profound, especially since it was made during the dreadful Civil War. What is striking to me is that it was called a day of Thanksgiving and Praise. We have lost the second part — and its purpose. It was also day for repentance, as he indicated in his statement. Thank you for including this topic in your blog. It bears repeating every year.
    Best wishes,

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