14 thoughts on “Accepting Change

  1. Thank you so very much for this – I did read your blog and it ministered to my heart. Timing is so very important – God’s timing is perfect! “In His time, in His time, He makes all things beautiful in His time.” God Bless!!!!

  2. Some of my favourite verses. Thanks for the reminder. We’re still pretty warm here – no sweaters yet, and until this baby arrives, I can’t imagine mine will be on my back, either! 😀

  3. Needed this today. I just had my 3rd child and I am having a difficult time accepting the fact that my doctor said no more children and I had to have a tubal. I had a partial placenta previa and a vasa previa with him which had me on bed rest in the hospital for 6 weeks and a c-section at 36 weeks. because of the previa’s I had to have a vertical incision. with the amount of blood lost during and after the c-section and the blood transfusion my doctor told me that there would be a high chance I wouldn’t make it thru another pregnancy so I had the tubal done. I wanted 4-6 kids. I just cant believe that I am done with that part of my life already. Gods timing is the best. He knows the plans he has for me and my family. Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to blog and help those around you!

  4. How timely this is for our family! We are also a family of homeschoolers that are getting ready to start up again this week. We’ve been building our nest for 13 years and have 5 beautiful children we are training up. My husband is in the process of applying for a pastoral position and with it we are definitely facing changes. I was so blessed to read your reminder that God never changes….and He is Faithful! He will see us through all of these changes as we rest it, trust in, and rely up Him. Thank you so much for sharing what He placed upon your heart for us. Your sister is Christ. <3

  5. I’m so grateful for your blogs. From being petrified to homeschool (and I was a teacher for ten years before I had my twins) to heartache over recurring financial struggles and being in a position in life that I never imagined (since we decided in 2009 that I would stay home with the girls and my husband would begin college to get a dual degree in education of which he graduated this past May) and dealing with a situation of my husband being in the wrong place @ the wrong time which has turned into a legal matter that’s been going on for 11 months now, but seeing God’s hand working (which is quite awesome, but my heart feels like it’s had enough)….I’m worn out. But, I read your blogs and the scriptures sink in and God speaks to me. I lay here in bed either reading on my iPhone or iPad and cannot stop clicking on another topic bc it looks good. God.speaks.to.me. GOD IS FAITHFUL! I CAN TRUST HIM! He is working everything out for our good as individuals and a family and bringing us closer together. This life is so hard, but what’s given me strength tonight, is that I CAN TRUST God’s heart for me, my husband, our three amazing children (identical twin girls 3 & boy 15mths). I.CAN.TRUST.HIS.HEART.

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